Children light lamps in the shape of Swastika, on the eve of Hindu festival of Diwali, in the northern city of Chandigarh, November 11, 2004. According to Hindu mythology, Swastika is the sign of prosperity. [Representational image]Reuters

Giorgio Tsoukalos, the television host known for presenting 'Ancient Aliens' in History Channel has now claimed that humans in the ancient past might have misunderstood alien visitors as Gods.

The TV host made these remarks while presenting his theory about the origin of religions on the planet at the annual 'Contact in the Desert' UFO conference in Indiana Wells, California.

During the speech, the television conspiracy theorist alleged early people misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their advanced technology was interpreted as magic. Earlier, several conspiracy theorists have suggested that ancient gods, especially in the Hindu and Greek mythology were aliens from deep space.

"The reason that we're in the crap that we're in today is because of misunderstood technology. The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials," said Tsoukalos, said reports.

The 'Ancient Aliens' presenter revealed that evidence of misinterpreted technology can be seen in Egyptian pyramids and in ancient arts and literature.

The conspiracy theorist also criticized archeologists all over the world for turning their blind eye towards evidence of alien visitors in ancient relics. It should be noted that several ancient cave paintings were discovered from various parts of the world and these paintings show alien-like figures and UFO in it.

According to this TV host, extraterrestrial space travellers used to wear space suits during travelling the way our astronauts do today during their space travels.

Flat-earth believers

However, Tsoukalos has lashed out against flat-earth believers and assured that the earth is round. He made it clear that humans will one day explore the farthest corner of the Universe, and will be in touch with other alien races.

However, skeptics have several times criticized Tsoukalos claiming that the TV host is presenting pseudo-history in front of the viewers.

Previously, YouTube channel 'Logical Hindu' had suggested that Hindu Gods might be aliens from outer space.

"Aliens who reached earth million years back were actually superhuman, super powerful and super intelligent species. According to Ramayana and Mahabharata, the exotic capabilities of Hindu Gods are the ability to disappear and appear, super intelligence, knowledge of vimanas and the ability to read the human mind," says Logical Hindu.

Those who believe in this theory insist that aliens are actually gods as they possess these impeccable abilities.

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