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The fire which almost destroyed the Notre Dame church in Paris shocked millions of Catholics around the world. A hard-hitting fact for many Christians about the fire in the 850-year-old church was that it happened during the Holy Week and many saw this as a sign.

Eyes across the world were trained on their screens as firefighters in Paris battled the fire for almost an hour before containing it.

One woman from Scotland claimed that she saw the silhouette of Jesus Christ in the Notre Dame fire. After this declaration, many also claimed that Christ was there in the church during the fire. Interestingly, while the fire engulfed the spire and most of the roof, the altar and the cross remained intact.

The woman, Leslie Rowan, took to Facebook to write, "I may be letting my mind play tricks on me here, folks take a close look at this picture and what do you see." However, the post has since been deleted.  

Talking to Daily Record, a news agency in Scotland, Rowan said, "When I looked at this photo last night, I was really astounded by what I saw. When I look at it I see a silhouette of Jesus. I really see a vivid image."

This proclamation led many netizens to claim that they too saw Christ. However, many also called out the woman and said that it wasn't Christ but just the camera angle. 

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