UFO Australia
YouTube: Peter Maxwell Slattery

A bizarre cube-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) spotted in Australia has made many people think that alien life is a reality. The clip was originally uploaded to YouTube by a user named Peter Maxwell Slattery, and it shows a glowing UFO hovering in the skies of Glenrowan.

After the video was uploaded to YouTube, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring claimed that the UFO has wings too in its edges. The self-proclaimed UFO hunter also argued that unidentified flying objects are everywhere in the world, and people should open their eyes into the skies to know the hidden truth.

"This amazingly beautiful UFO was seen over Australia yesterday. The UFO is not changing shape, but only fading in and out of our visual field. It has an electrical field around it which is causing a blur every few moments. The UFO has a cube shape with two wings," wrote Scott C Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

The news of this new UFO sighting comes just a few days after a black flying object was spotted in Las Vegas. In a clip which was shared to YouTube recently, three helicopters were seen encountering this UFO, and many people have argued that an alien invasion is imminent.

The video of the Las Vegas UFO incident became very popular after it was shared by a conspiracy theory YouTube channel named 'Third Phase of Moon'. In their video, Blake Cousins who run this channel claimed that the video does not look like an edited clip and there are no traces of tampering.

However, neither NASA nor any space experts have commented on the increased number of UFO activities happening across the world. In the meantime, a section of skeptics quickly dismissed the alien angle and they stated that it could be due to weather balloons and blimps which are often misinterpreted as UFOs by conspiracy theorists and skywatchers.