Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth could be real, and they believe that space agencies like NASA are well aware of an extraterrestrial presence on the blue planet. Adding up the heat to these seemingly unbelievable theories, a self-styled alien hunter has spotted two black UFOs flying at the same speed as the International Space Station (ISS).

Unusual UFO sighting

The finding is being made by Scott C Waring, a popular UFO hunter who is currently operating from Taiwan. Waring, in his recent blog post, claimed that he spotted these mysterious flying objects from NASA's ISS live stream.

Alleged UFOs near ISSUFO Sightings Daily/NASA

In the video, one UFO was seen moving initially, and it is followed by another mysterious object of similar shape. After analyzing the clip, Waring assured that these sightings are irrefutable proof of alien existence.

"The objects were matching speed with the space station and there were two of them. At first, I thought it could be the ISS shadow...but there are two of them! So I ruled that out. Something is keeping a close eye on the space station. The UFOs speed is equal to the space stations. This is 100% proof that aliens are keeping a close eye on humanity. We shouldn't call them aliens, we should call them," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

The revelation of a former Israeli expert

A few days back, Haid Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief had admitted that alien existence is real. Eshed made these remarks during an interview given to Yediot Aharanot. During the interview, Eshed claimed that both the United States and Israel have been working with aliens for several years. 

The former space security chief also claimed that there is a union named galactic federation, where representatives of aliens and the United States work together. He also added that there is a secret alien underground base on Mars.