Humpback whale

Brazilian marine biologists were shocked after they discovered a young humpback whale washed ashore on a remote forested island in the Amazon river. The discovery was made by the researchers at a time when these giant creatures should have already migrated to Antarctica.

It should be noted that there are tens of thousands of humpback whales estimated to be living in the Atlantic ocean off Brazil. However, nearly all of them have already migrated to Antarctica for feeding. In this case, the whale was discovered near the mouth of the Amazon River, approximately 4,000 miles away from its expected feeding grounds.

As mystery starts shrouding the discovery, Renata Emin, the president of Bicho D'Água, an environmental conservation group revealed that strong tides might have taken the humpback whale to the mangrove.

"We imagine it was floating and the tide took it into the mangrove. The question is, What was a humpback whale doing in the month of February on the northern coast of Brazil? It's unusual," Renata Emin told G1, a Brazilian news site.

In the meantime, popular UFO researcher Scott C Waring has outlandishly claimed that aliens might have taken the humpback whale to the Amazon jungle. As per Waring aliens used to abduct whales in UFO for conducting experiments, and he believes that this is one such incident.

"This baby humpback whale was found lying among some trees and shrubs far from the beach. Whales are often taken by UFOs...analyzed...and then returned. But sometimes animals are returned to a location that is not hospitable to them. Apparently, the alien who took this whale had no idea that they only live in the water. LOL, it looks like aliens make a lot more mistakes than I thought," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily