UFO Philippines

As the number of UFO sightings increase all across the globe, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that these incidents are authentic proof of alien existence. To add heat to their claims, local media in the Philippines have reported a huge UFO sighting above the ocean.

The video uploaded by GMA News soon went viral, and it made many people believe that aliens are living secretly in the oceans. It should be noted that the majority of UFO sightings usually happened above the oceans, and conspiracy theorists argue that extraterrestrials could be using water bodies as a hiding platform.

After analyzing the clip, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring wrote on his website stating that the glowing object spotted above the ocean is not a plane or helicopter.

"The video was on local TV news and uploaded by the TV news agency, so you know it is not been faked. The UFO is huge, I mean its 747 size, and has a glow that can only be compared to looking directly into the sun. There is no technology I know of that can produce a flying light like that, not LEDs, not a plane or helicopter. This is an alien craft from a nearby underwater base," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

In his website post, Waring also added that underwater alien bases are located 3 to 6 kilometers beneath the ocean.

The report about the UFO sighting the Philippines came just a few days after local residents spotted a mysterious glowing light in Wellington and Taunton Deane. Even though no videos or photos of the sighting are available as of now, witnesses strongly argued that the object they spotted is not a meteorite nor a star. As the news went viral, some conspiracy theorists claimed that governments across the world are involved in an extraterrestrial coverup. 

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