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Locals in Taunton Deane and Wellington in the UK were pulled to a state of panic on Valentine's Day after they spotted a bright round unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering in the skies. Even though no videos or photos of the apparent UFO sighting are available as of now, local media outlets have reported the incident, and they have even quoted statements from witnesses.

"I wonder if anybody else saw the big white glowing ball shape object that went over Taunton last night? Possible UFO sighting? I live in Hillcommon and my son lives in Wellington, he spotted it too. It seemed to come over from Taunton at great speed then it just disappeared," said Kevin Midwood, a local resident who saw the UFO flying above his home, Somerset Country Gazette reports.

Kevin Midwood's son James Vasey said that the UFO was not a meteorite or shooting star. The eyewitness also made it clear that the object was hovering too low before disappearing.

"I was walking from my home in Wellington and a bright yellow object shot across the sky at rapid speed. It wasn't a meteorite or shooting star as it was flying too low and whatever it was disappeared," Vasey revealed.

As the news of the alleged UFO sighting went viral online, many people started arguing that alien life is a reality, and these extraterrestrial beings might be gearing up for an invasion.

Some conspiracy theorists even went a step ahead and claimed that governments all around the world and space agencies like NASA and ESA are covering up the bitter facts fearing public panic.

Popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring has also joined the party and urged the authorities to conduct further investigations to unveil the mysteries surrounding this UFO sighting.