Conspiracy theorists across the world strongly believe that NASA is well aware of alien existence and they are intentionally covering up the secrets of extraterrestrial life fearing public panic. Adding heat to their claims, an Amazon Prime documentary, Secret Space, has quoted the words of a Russian scientist and hinted that NASA is involved in a possible alien coverup.

The documentary shows how a Russian scientist figured out a meagre 20-second delay in NASA's International Space Station (ISS) live feed.

"The pre-docking manoeuvres of Russian cargo freighter Progress 18 in June 2005 left no doubt there was a delay. In fact, that delay has been shown to be no less than 20 seconds. As Progress was approaching the station for docking, a ground controller at Moscow Mission Control mildly complained that the live video feed they were getting included this delay," said the narrator in the documentary, reports.

The documentary narrator also added that this 20-second delay in the live feed is primarily used to correct anomalies which might come under public attention.

"NASA instituted this delay in their live broadcasts from space. They do this to obscure anomalies in space from getting to the public. However, some things still slip through," said the narrator.

A few months back, several conspiracy theorists had alleged that Elon Musk's SpaceX is also working hand-in-glove with NASA to hide dark secrets about aliens. To substantiate these claims, conspiracy theorists released a video in which a triangular shaped object can be seen zooming past SpaceX's Dragon during its early December 2018 mission.

Even though many people consider the UFO sighting near Dragon a concrete proof of alien existence, experts revealed that it might be the reflection of objects inside the International Space Station that might have caused this visual deception.