Thirteen Reasons Why stands out as one of the best American teenage novels, written by Jay Asher in 2007 which was later recompiled as a tv series on Netflix, which released on 31 March 2017.

The story revolves around young high school going teenagers and their super challenging lives, wherein they have to live through various aspects of life, such as bullying, betrayal, suicide, family pressure, sexual abuse and many other issues that are considered as a taboo for young teenagers.

!3 reasons why Bollywood Remake
!3 reasons why Bollywood RemakeTwitter

13 Reasons Why weaves an intricate and heart-wrenching story of teenage life that will deeply affect the readers.

The Plot of 13 Reasons Why

Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen are the protagonists of the story and the whole story is based on tapes that were recorded by Hannah, before committing suicide.

In these tapes, Hannah explains the thirteen reasons or one can say thirteen incidents from her life due to which she decided to end her life. Everyone mentioned on the tapes was somehow responsible for the young girl's death and hence must listen to the complete set then pass it along to the next person addressed. 

13 Reasons Why
13 Reasons WhyTwitter

But what if a Bollywood movie was made on this very theme. The Indian film industry is experimenting much more nowadays, and so it would make sense if we got to see a film being made on this popular novel. 

However, which celebs would star in this film? Here is our dream cast if 13 Reasons Why got a Bollywood makeover:

Alia Bhatt as Hannah Baker

Alia Bhatt
Alia BhattTwitter

The narrator of the tapes and the girl who committed suicide, Hannah Baker's challenging life could be well depicted by Alia Bhatt as she has done some similar roles in her past movies like Highway and Dear Zindagi.

Ishaan Khatter as Clay Jensen

Ishaan Khatter
Ishaan KhatterTwitter

Hannah's good friend and innocent lover's character that goes by the name of Clay Jensen could be played by chocolate boy Ishaan Khatter. His innocent looks and mind-blowing performance acting in movies like Beyond The Clouds and Dhadak makes him a suitable candidate for the role.

Ranbir Kapoor as Justin Folly

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir KapoorTwitter

The resident bad boy with charming good looks, Justin Foley was the first person to ask Hannah out. However, he soon turned out to be a cheat when he shared a racy picture of Hannah and also spread a sexual rumour about her and so we think this that Bollywood's playboy Ranbir Kapoor would pull off this role quite well.

Suhana Khan as Jessica Davis

Suhana Khan
Suhana KhanTwitter

Although Suhana Khan has not yet entered the industry, it would be great to see her portray a complex character like Jessica Davis and in fact, would be the biggest break for her to be a part of such anticipated American hit remake.

Neil Nitin Mukesh as Alex Standall

Neil Nitin Mukesh
Neil Nitin MukeshTwitter

Hannah liked Alex Standall but never expressed her love, however soon she found out that her best friend Jessica and Alex are dating each other which made Hannah feel betrayed. Alex's role could be played well by Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Ibrahim Ali Khan as Tyler Down

Ibrahim Ali Khan
Ibrahim Ali KhanTwitter

Hannah's stalker and school photographer, Tyler had a crush on her and admired her from afar. But things took a turn for worse when he started stalking her. Though a little shy, it was later revealed that Tyler literally enjoys shooting as he has kept a stash of guns hidden away. Who better than the elusive Ibrahim Ali Khan to play this character?

Ananya Panday as Courtney Crimson

Ananya pandey
Ananya pandeyTwitter

Who could have predicted that the innocent-looking Courtney had a deep dark secret and in fact, she had a huge hand in the death of Hannah Baker? While Hannah does discover her secret, Courtney, in her attempts to save herself, puts Hannah under trouble. A complex character with an equally complex background, we believe that Ananya Panday is a perfect fit for this role.

Sooraj Pancholi as Marcus Cooley

Sooraj Pancholi
Sooraj PancholiTwitter

The student-body president Marcus Cooley publicly embarrassed Hannah when he goes on a date with Hannah just because he believes that she is 'easy'. A layered character with a hint of superiority complex, we believe that Sooraj Pancholi can carry off this character very well.

Tiger Shroff as Zach Dempsey

Tiger Shroff
Tiger ShroffTwitter

Zach's character was another soft character as Clay's in the story. He had a soft corner for Hannah until she turns him down publicly. We believe Tiger could do justice to Zach's character.

Arjun Kapoor as Tony Padilla

Arjun Kapoor
Arjun KapoorTwitter

Tony was not in the tapes but was entrusted with the responsibility of making sure that people on the tape listen to them, one of those who are sensitive at heart this role can be portrayed by Arjun Kapoor as he has already done something similar in Ki and Ka.

Aryan Khan as Ryan Shaver

Aryan Khan
Aryan KhanTwitter

Ryan Shaver was an opportunist as he betrays Hannah by publishing the poem that she wrote against Hannah's will in his school magazine, which breaks their friendship apart. A cool, unaffected intellectual, his role is tailor-made for Shahrukh's son Aryan Khan.

Ranveer Singh as Bryce Walker

Ranveer Singh
Ranveer SinghTwitter

The antagonist of the show is Bryce Walker who appears on the tapes several times. Hannah blames him for having broken her soul. A truly layered character, we think Ranveer Singh would be an ideal choice for the part because of his mind-blowing acting in Padmavat as Alauddin Khilji.