Propaganda video shows ISIS training children to be
Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province in June. ISIS is training children to build next generation of Jihadis.Reuters

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has always been brazen about updating the world with chilling videos and blogs about how it is expanding. In the latest propaganda video, the militants are seen training and coaching a group of children in to becoming the next generation Jihadis.

As is customary with IS videos, this one too is edited in professional standards and showcases young children assembling assault rifles and taking part in rigorous military drills, while carrying loaded guns. Their instructor is seen hailing them as the next generation of Jihadis that will fulfil the ISIS dream of world domination in the name of Islam.

One of the recruits belonging to this group of future Jihadis, goes by the name of "Abdullah" and looks to be around 10 years old. Hailing from Kazakhstan, Abdullah desires to kill all non-Muslims. He opens up to the camera, "I will be the one who slaughters you, O kafir (infidel), I will be a mujahid (holy warrior) Inshallah (God-willing)."

The child soldiers in the training camp revealed that along with military guidance, they are also getting educated in Islamic scriptures and Arabic.

An infant, who looks no more than three or four years old, is also seen strutting around in military fatigues carrying a toy sub-machine gun.

Abdullah concludes the video with, "We are going to kill you O infidel. God-willing we will slaughter you!"

The video has since been removed by YouTube as the content violates its terms and conditions.

ISIS has shown particular interest in focusing on young children and training them to be Jihadis in the past as well. In Iraq as well as Syria, the Islamic militant group seeks to build a Utopian society under the rules of Islam and for this, it is important for them to brainwash the children at a very young age.

In September, Lebanese Channel LDC TV had aired a report about child soldiers in training, with particular focus on 12-Year-Old Midan, a sniper who claims at feeling nothing when he kills the soldiers on the other side. "I get up in the morning and try to shoot some soldiers... Sometimes I manage to shoot one or two, and sometimes I don't. There is nothing to it. I feel fine.. I killed my first soldier on this front.. When I killed him, I didn't feel anything," claims Midan.