Akshaye Khanna is probably the only actor who continues to be reclusive away from all the glitters of the industry. He stays at his Alibaug bungalow and rarely makes a public appearance. And he is also someone who knows his abilities, to what extent he can push himself and when to stop.

And perhaps it could be the reason why Section 375 actor said that he cannot produce a film like Tanhaji. And he doesn't even aspire to be a producer.

Akshaye Khanna, Ajay Devgn, Tanhaji
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'An actor should never be thick-skinned, or at least I am not that'

"An actor should never be thick-skinned, or at least I am not that. I don't like to confront the reviews that I receive, as I can't handle them emotionally. Whether it is praising me or criticising me, I am not comfortable with it and usually quickly change the page. I am extremely thin-skinned," Akshaye Khanna told Deccan Chronicle in a recent interview.

He continued, "I don't know what my future will be, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but as of now, I don't see myself as a producer. To be a producer you have to be a generous person, large-hearted. He has to be peoples' person. A producer has to be a person who readily gives in, but my creative energies are very selfish. I am very selfish, I think about myself and I don't look at the larger picture."

Ajay Devgn, Kajol
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Citing an example of Ajay Devgn and how he was able to produce a hit film like Tanhaji which was made on a budget of Rs 150 crore approximately, Akshaye said that to become a producer you need to deliver and cement your position in the industry strong enough to survive and bare through all seasons.

"Today Ajay had produced Tanhaji, which is a 100 crore film. How is he being able to do it? Because his films at the box office earned that status for him, he has delivered his goodwill at the box office by giving successful films. He is taking a risk with producing the film himself too, which is even more credit to him. You have to earn it.

Today, nobody will make a Tanhaji with me because the economics won't work. It may change tomorrow, but one has to be honest about it. One cannot live in a bubble. If I wish to make a Tanhaji today, I have to deliver at the box office, which plays the most important role in the success of a film," Akshaye concluded.

'I always carry nervous energy before a new film'

Akshaye Khanna in The Accidental Prime Minister
Akshaye Khanna in The Accidental Prime MinisterTwitter

In his earlier interview, Akshaye had said that he still feels nervous as a performer before any director as he does not want to disappoint any of them as an artist.

Asked about remembering his favorite character Akshaye told IANS: "I am one of those people who is so involved in the process to create the character at that point of time, that I live for the moment. If you ask me, I cannot go back and recall. Also, there are other reasons. For instance, people talk about my performance in 'Taal'. I was so nervous, I cannot tell you -- I think I actually puked out of nervousness after that contemporary dance sequence (referring to 'Nahin saamne'). I was nervous to work with Subhash (Ghai) ji. He is a fine director with a larger-than-life vision and it was my first collaboration with him. I was also young in the business."

"For me, I was always on my toes to impress Subhash ji. I simply had to deliver my best and match up to his imagination. The film was shot in such a beautiful location but all I remember is my tension before every shot, and looking into the eyes of my director, just to see if he actually got what he wanted. And then, at times, feeling pukish!" recalled Akshaye who received a lot of love for his performance in the film.

"Honestly speaking, though, it is not the same but I always carry nervous energy till today -- not like a newcomer -- but yes, like a performer. Nervous energy keeps a performer alert. I have that," shared the actor.