Walking in the footsteps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has finally wrapped up shooting for the survival show 'Man vs Wild', a day after South megastar Rajinikanth completed his shoot for the show.

Akshay Kumar with Bear Grylls on 'Man vs Wild'

Bringing more cheer to the Indian audience after featuring PM Modi on the show, Grylls this time will be seen sharing screen space with two of the most loved artists of the country.

According to an ANI report, Akki reached Mysuru, Karnataka, and shot with the TV presenter Grylls in Bandipur forest on Thursday, January 30. 

After spending hours in the wild, the never-tiring Akshay also took out time to interact with forest personnel, lauding their efforts in saving the wild greens of the country. If forests are alive, humans are alive," The Times of India quoted him as saying to BTR director T Balachandra.

Akshay Kumar

Shedding light on how the actor shot for his part, an official said, "There was a rope cross over Moolehole River and Akshay Kumar checked out parts of Tiger Road in the core area of Bandipur and Rampura elephant camp.

"They also shot near an old railway track and near a bridge. Akshay got into the river with Grylls during the shoot."

Fans want Akshay to play role of Grylls

As soon as news of him shooting for the episode surfaced online, tweeple got overwhelmed and likened the actor to the host himself as one of them wrote, "Akshay Kumar will play the role of Bear Grylls."

Akshay Kumar

Another Twitter user too thought in the same direction however, they joked that he doesn't takes over Grylls on his show.

"I really hope that Akshay Kumar will not act as Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild episode!" the user tweeted.

Akshay Kumar

Meanwhile, another user took a jibe at Home Minister Amit Shah's recent 'chronology' statement writing, "People who filmed with Bear Grylls Man vs Wild: Michael Jordan - Biggest Athlete PM Modi - Biggest Politician Rajnikanth - Biggest South Star Akshay Kumar - Aap chronology samaj liye."

Akshay Kumar

Rajinikanth shot in wild Karnataka

Prior to Akshay, Rajinikanth also has shot for the show in the forest area around Mysore in Karnataka. According to a police officer quoted by The Indian Express, Grylls and Rajini will be filming in the non-tourist zones and they have been permitted to shoot in wild Karnataka.

"Permission for the shooting has been given for Sultan Batteri highway and ranges of Mulleholle, Maddur and Kalkere ranges. They will be shooting in non-tourist zones. If permission was given for the shooting of Wild Karnataka, then this can also be permitted."

"Also, no tourist or regular forest patrolling activities will be affected. The shooting will be done under special forest protection and no one will be aware of the locations," he said.

Rajnath Singh bear gryll
The popular Discovery channel series -- Man vs Wild -- will feature Tamil Superstar Rajnikant with Bear Grylls.Twitter

Grylls and PM Modi's 'Man vs Wild' episode

Last year in August, Grylls hosted and walked together with PM Modi amidst the wilderness and also featured him trying his hands-on making a makeshift boat.

It now only showed how the two tackled real-life adversities, but the two also had an insightful conversation. PM Modi shared some anecdotes from his past.