baggage tags
An IndiGo Airlines cabin baggage security check tag is pictured on a passenger's luggage at Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore March 5, 2012.Reuters

Soon airline passengers at six major airports across the country will not have to worry about the possibility of missing their flights due to long queues at security checkin counters. The passengers will not have to get their hand baggage stamped at security checkin before boarding a flight. 

A pilot project will be launched in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad airport, that plans to do away with the baggage tags and if successful, the move could be followed at other airports at well. The aim of introducing the new rule is to make air travel experience smooth and hassle-free for the passengers, Press Trust of India reported. 

During a meeting between security force and top executives of domestic carriers, the proposal (which was suggested by aviation secretary R N Choubey) was accepted. 

"Starting December 15, we are beginning a pilot project at six major airports where passengers will not be required to get the security stamp on the tags on their hand baggage. They can get their other security checks done and board their flights. This is a passenger friendly measure that we have initiated," CISF Director General O P Singh told the media after the meeting.

If the pilot project is deemed successful, it will implemented at other airports in the country, without compromising on security aspect, Singh told the publication. As per the present rules, a passenger flying within India or abroad first has to get a security clearance on their hand baggage (in form of a stamp) only then, he/she is allowed to proceed to board the plane. 

The stamp ensures that the baggage has been checked thoroughly and can be carried to the plane without any risk. 

During the meeting, "the DG requested airport operators to coordinate with CISF in a pro-active manner by providing speedy clearance of passengers," CISF official told PTI. 

The domestic airlines which participated in the meeting included Air Asia, Go Air, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Vistara, Air India, Indigo and the operator of Delhi International Airport.