Air India Dreamliner
File photo of an Air India airline.Reuters

One-third of pilot candidates who appeared for interview at Air India since December 2015 have failed the psychometric test. Before failing the tests, these pilots had passed the simulation and technical rounds.

The psychometric test was introduced by the state-run carrier last year after a Germanwings pilot purposely crashed a plane in Germany. Since then, Air India has found it difficult to hire pilots, Hindustan Times reported.

Of the 413 pilots interviewed since then, about 130 pilots have failed the test, which was subsequently introduced by most of the domestic carriers in India. "Air India gives priority to safety of operations. There cannot be any compromise on entry standards," an Air India executive was quoted as saying by the daily.

In December 2015, 75 out of 165 pilots, who cleared the technical round, failed the psychometric test.

The psychometric exam at Air India is conducted by a panel, which includes a psychologist from the Indian Air Force. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had last year authorised regular monitoring of pilots' mental health. Not conducting the mental health tests, puts the passengers lives in danger.

National carrier Air India, which is also a full-service carrier, saw its market share dip to 14.8 percent in July from 15.5 percent in the preceding month.