Singer Chinamyi Sripaada and husband Rahul Ravindran
Singer Chinamyi Sripaada and husband Rahul RavindranTwitter

Singer Chinamyi Sripaada has once again become a victim of trolls after the release of Manmadhudu 2 teaser. Netizens are asking her what message her husband Rahul Ravindran wants to send through Rakul Preet's smoking scene.

Earlier, Chinamyi Sripaada had slammed Sandeep Reddy Vanga for his justification of violence against women in Kabir Singh. She tweeted, "If a man is deeply connected with you - He will NEVER LAY HIS HANDS ON YOU. He will NEVER slap you. He will NEVER TOUCH YOU without your consent. Women (and young boys) have been told for aeons that being beaten up is a sign of Love* / *Discipline* IT IS ABUSE!"

Chinamyi's series of tweets against him resulted in a host of trolls attacking her and picking-up moments out of context to shame her. Days after trolling her, the teaser of Manmadhudu 2, which is directed by her husband Rahul Ravindran, has got them an opportunity to attack her on social media.

In the teaser of Manmadhudu 2, Rakul Preet Singh appears as an ultra-glamorous, free-spirited girl named Avantika. The actress is seen unbuttoning her shirt and roaming on the streets, flirting with senior actor Akkineni Nagarjuna and also smoking a cigarette. She looks glamorous and sensuous in the video.

After watching the teaser, some people took to social media to attack Chinamyi Sripaada and raised a series of questions. Isn't her husband promoting smoking among girls? What message is her husband Rahul offering to the public through unbuttoning and flirting? These are some of the questions most of them asked the singer. Here are some of their comments.

Rakul Preet's smoking scene in Manmadhudu 2
Rakul Preet's smoking scene in Manmadhudu 2Twitter

Kumar‏ @Kumar_RK45

You are preaching people!!?? This is #DeeplyDisturbing ‍♂️  Oh Heroine smokes!?? Isn't it #DeeplyDisturbing ‍♂️ you are preaching people.. your husband Spoiling the Youth and women of the Nation. Great Hypocrisy.. Great

Jaswanth kumar‏ @jashulikes

#deeplydisturbing... So this is what our @Chinmayi want women to be,, Women Raise and Awake This is what to be called Empowerment....  and The Way You Support Your @23_rahulr.... No offense to @Rakulpreet u just Nailed it.. Super teaser.. @23_rahulr really sorry bro

Revanth‏ @UrstrulyRevie

U cant ask a girl to remove her button #deeplydisturbing

Volimineni Sateesh‏ @VolimineniSK

#deeplydisturbing what message movie makers wants to show with this movie

Nenorakam‏ @Nenorakam

asheyyy @chinmayi ni mogudu cinemalo danitho cigarette thaginchinadu adhi chusi ma aadollu inspire ayyi cigarettelu thagi health padaithe hospital karchulu evadu kadthade ni moguda  #deeplydisturbing #deeplyregressive

Funny memes on Manmadhudu 2 teaser
Funny memes on Manmadhudu 2 teaserTwitter