Ravikanth Perepu marries Veena Ghantasala
Ravikanth Perepu marries Veena GhantasalaInstagram

Director Ravikanth Perepu, who is basking in on the success of Krishna and His Leela, announced that he is married to his girlfriend, singer Veena Ghantasala after dating her for five years.

Ravikanth Perepu made his debut as an independent director with 2016's thriller Kshanam starring Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma and Anasuya Bharadwaj. He released Krishna and His Leela on Netflix on June 25 after it was delayed a couple of times. The movie has become a big hit with the audience. Post its success, the director has tied the knot with Veena Ghantasala.

Ravikanth Perepu took to his Instagram page to announce his marriage with Veena Ghantasala. In a detailed note, the director revealed that he had been dating the singer for the past five years. The couple decided to get hitched during the making of Krishna and His Leela and they have got married post its success.

The Kshanam director shared his photo with Veena and captioned it with, "Ending the last post of #krishnaandhisleela series with the most important person in my life. During the making of this film, @veenaghantasala and I decided to take our relationship a step forward and we got married. I was two-timing with her and the film . The film got stalled in between and I was not in the best of my energies."

Talking about her fighting spirit, Ravikanth Perepu said, "It isn't easy to live with someone when they touch their rock bottom. I can only imagine what my girl has gone through. She was expecting a beautiful kick start to her new life and boom, she got me! But she's a fighter too. There were a lot of hiccups through the way but she never gave up."

Ravikanth Perepu spoke about his relationship and heaped praises upon her. The director wrote, "5 years of togetherness and now I found a great friend in her. She's become my go to person no matter how screwed up the situation is. It's crazy to have that one person to share your moments with. She taught me when to be a boy and when to be a man! And as an individual, oh boy what a talent!"

Ravikanth Perepu with his mother
Ravikanth Perepu with his motherInstagram

The director concluded, "I worked with her for #Kshanam and this film and she's a terrific voice actress. Veena and I come up with some never heard before modulations working together. I love this collaboration and am really looking forward to more films with her. She keeps me grounded and sane. She sees through me, regardless of my success and failure. She is to be treasured. Babe, cheers to more downfalls and rising up again! Love you "

Veena is a dubbing artist and singer and she is the granddaughter of musician Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao. Born in Vizag, Ravikanth Perepu graduated in Chemical Engineering. Two days before announcing his marriage, the director had shared his photo with his mother and thanked his family for their support to realise his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

The director had posted on Instagram, "From "Finish your Engineering!" to "Don't let your passion die!" My family has been a great support to me in making films. I might've lost my mojo a couple of times but they haven't. Wonder how they're always there for me when I'm down. It amazes me each time to see them push their limits to provide a better life for us. If not for them, survival wouldn't have been easy for me here. Immense gratitude for supporting me and my passion all through these years without giving up. And my brother for spoiling me with whatever I ask for. It's time you follow your passion @srikperepu come back to your motherland Lots of love amma, nanna & anna. I wouldn't have been in this good a headspace if not for you guys. Full credit to you. To many more dreams . @sobhakoduru."