Adavi Sesh's latest outing "Kshanam," which was released Feb. 26 in theatres across the world, has received positive reviews and rich ratings from the critics.

"Kshanam" is a suspense thriller that revolves around the story of investment banker Rishi (Adavi Sesh) settled in the US. Rishi returns to India after hearing about the kidnap of his ex-girlfriend Swetha (Adah Sharma). Swetha and Rishi approach the police for help, but Rishi decides to take the responsibility and unravel the mystery when the cops show indifference to the case.

Besides acting, Adavi Sesh has also written the story and screenplay, which are the biggest assets of "Kshanam." He has got amazing screen presence and wins the heart of everyone with his brilliant performance, which is another highlight of the movie. Adah Sharma and Anasuya's performances are also among the attractions of "Kshanam," say the critics.

PVP Cinema has produced "Kshanam," which boasts of amazing technical elements. Shaniel Deo's camera work and Sricharan Pakala's background score draw special attention on the technical front, add the critics. The movie has been rated an average of 2.93 out of 5 stars. Continue to read some critics' verdict and ratings in the "Kshanam" review roundup:

AP Herald Ratings: 2.50

Many times there are instances when we receive a very attractive and elegant designed ads, informing us about a new lavish restaurant/place in our locality with some luring offers. We opt for it and really impressed with the ambience and decoration with many well-chosen shores and great music playing in the background along with a pleasant staff. But after a while when we are finished with our food, we don't feel like having served with something exceptional or out of the world. The taste is just same as usual and food fails to rise above the routine, which doesn't allow us to say that it was an entertaining evening well enjoyed. Finally, it can be easily said that Kshanam definitely rises much above its capacity in the technical and visual aspects with some impressive sequences post intermission. But despite of so many positive features in its making the film fails to hold you convincingly in two hours of its duration and thus it cannot be rated more than an above average venture.

123Telugu Ratings: 3.25

Tollywood is surprising us with some out of the box and sensible films. Kshanam falls in that category and does not fall for the so called commercial trap. Racy narration, suspense factor and terrific performances from the lead cast are huge assets. Barring some unconvincing points regarding the plot, Kshanam ends up as an intense and enjoyable thriller which will not disappoint you at all. Go watch it.

Gulte Ratings: 3

Kshanam is easily one of the finest Telugu films made in recent times. The team was successful on the writing table itself. The movie has an interesting plot and the writers have done a fabulous job with the screenplay. However the film has some issues with its pacing. The first half of the film is uneven with racy moments and dragging scenes.

Great Andhra Ratings: 3

The story and screenplay written by Adivi Sesh is the main strength of the film and the twists and turns the story takes also are told in convincing way. Though some cinematic liberties are taken and some logic has gone missing, the film is engaging to the end.