The Narendra Modi government is looking for an international defence partner to build a new generation of fighter jets on Indian soil. And Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab says it is ready to take up the challenge with its Gripen fighter and a revolutionary technology-transfer approach to cooperation.

At Aero India 2017 at Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bengaluru, Saab is also exhibiting products and solutions from its complete product portfolio across the air, land and sea domains. These include:

Gripen, the world's most advanced multi-role combat aircraft — Built with the future in mind, Saab says that Gripen is the smart answer to India's need for effective and affordable 21st century airpower. Saab's Gripen E full-scale replica is open to visitors and gives visitors a first-hand experience of Gripen's future-proof operational capabilities. Gripen is also a highlight of the daily flying display.

Advanced airborne sensors and systems – Saab highlights that its deep understanding of combat aircraft system design, combined with radars, electronic warfare and datalinks, is unequalled. "No other single manufacturer has this range of skills in-house, therefore Saab is best placed to help India develop new capabilities in AESA fighter radars, self-protection, electronic attack and other key mission systems," the Sweden-based firm said.

Next generation ground-based air defence (GBAD) — Saab says it has the best solutions to secure India's airspace through unique GBAD systems such as RBS 70 NG and BAMSE, combined with advanced AESA radars like the Giraffe 1X, ready and able to meet India's VSHORAD and SRSAM requirements. Saab is also confident that it can transform the effectiveness, flexibility and readiness of India's air defence.

Ground and naval combat systems — Saab is renowned as the builder of tough, dependable and effective weapons system such as the Carl Gustaf M4, AT4, NLAW and RBS15. With a proven track record in India, Saab says that it stands ready to serve as a partner in future defence across land and sea.

All of Saab's offerings to India come with true technology transfer and industrial cooperation, and are ready to meet the standards of the 'Make in India' initiative.