A few days ago, Neha Kakkar had made a shocking revelation about the music industry. Following her footsteps, Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan, has now resonated her words confirming that singers don't get paid a "single penny" in Bollywood. He said that there's a pandemic in the music industry while expressing his displeasure about the injustice that singers have to deal with.

Digging out the dark secret of the music industry, Aditya Narayan told IANS, "We don't get a single penny. It's like they are gratifying us by calling us to sing a song and it's as if god has touched us, and we have been blessed by the holy spirit. I have a problem with anyone doing anything for free. Let's not just target the music industry. I am saying don't make anyone do anything for free. Leave this goodwill. Now this new thing has come up that 'you would get exposure'. What will I do with the exposure? Put the exposure between my bread and eat? What will I do with exposure when I do not have money to run my house and basic necessities? So please stop exploiting."

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Citing reasons why singer's don't get paid in Bollywood, Aditya revealed, "Why singers are not paid is because 20 singers are made to sing one song and then one company, one producer and actor will decide 'iska version rakhte hain' (let's keep this version). I never see that happening in any other profession. You don't call 20 actors to shoot a scene and keep one actor's scene."

He further added, "So why this behove for singers? Just because humari bechari our laachari hai (it is our compulsion)? Just because we have to make ends meet it doesn't mean that they would do anything. At least give us Rs 1000 for a song? In a nutshell There are a lot of issues I hope we resolve, which is why I encourage my own generation and forthcoming generation to make their own music."

Not easy being a son to a famous father

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Aditya also chose to put a spotlight on himself since people often say that it was easy for him to make a name in the industry since he is the son of a popular singer.

"I am told that I am a legend and born with a silver spoon. But I know when I have to promote my own music, and how much I have to do to make a name in the industry. It has taken 25 years to be recognised by the country and the industry. I still feel I am starting off. I call it the end of the beginning for me at 31-32 years old," he said.

Pandemic in music industry

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"When I ask them for collaborations they say 'paisa paisa'. When they are called by composers, they go for free. But when another artiste calls you, suddenly you want money. I think we need to curb the problem with unity, compassion and love. I urge all my musician friends and aspiring musicians to collaborate with each other and to be there for each other. If you can sing for composers and films for free, I think you can collaborate with other musician friends for free, too. Let's empower each other."

"There are a lot of issues, and the only way we can come out of it is by being brave and doing this together like the pandemic we are fighting. I think there is a pandemic in the music industry, too, one which we need to unite and fight together," he said.