It was in 2017 that a top Mollywood actress was allegedly abducted and molested in a moving vehicle in Cochin. Later, Mollywood superstar Dileep was arrested in connection with the case, and the hearing in the court is still going on. Recently, filmmaker Balachandrakumar made some crucial revelations regarding this case, and another case was filed against Dileep for allegedly trying to murder the investigation officers. And now, fresh reports on Reporter TV suggest that the survivor has written to the Supreme Court, Prime Minister, and Chief Minister of Kerala, over fears of the leaked clip of sexual assault. 

Survivor's privacy at stake

Earlier, Nikesh Kumar's Reporter channel had revealed that the sexual assault clip has leaked from the Ernakulam Sessions Court. The report claimed that these clips were leaked on December 20, 2019. 

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The Reporter TV report also added that the State Forensic Department has confirmed this news, after finding anomalies in the hash value of the clip. It is still unclear how the clips which were submitted in a sealed cover got leaked. 

In the letter, the survivor claimed that her privacy is at stake, as these clips were leaked even from the courtroom. Earlier, the actress had written to the chief minister of Kerala seeking justice in this case. 

It is still unclear whether Reporter TV's revelation on a leaked video clip from the court will be taken seriously by the judiciary, as these allegations would fall in the category of scandalizing the court and impairing its dignity in the eyes of the people. 

Balachandrakumar's revelation holds the key

Balachandrakumar, who was once a close aid of Dileep had recently claimed that the actor has watched the assault visuals from his hole. The filmmaker also added that it was a VIP in Cochin who helped Dileep to get this clip.  He also alleged that Dileep has connections with a sex racket

In another audio clip leaked by Balachandrakumar, Dileep told that he needs to punish the investigation officers. As police charged a case, Dileep approached the High Court for anticipatory bail, and even after two weeks, the hearing is progressing, and a final judgment will be made on Monday.