It was in 2017 that a top Mollywood actress was abducted and allegedly molested in a moving vehicle. Later, Dileep, popularly known as the Janapriya Nayakan was arrested in this case. The case is still going on, and Dileep is accused of conspiracy charges. A few days back, Balachandrakumar, a director and friend of Dileep leaked several audio clips, and it showed how Dileep tried to lure witnesses.

Balachandrakumar, after producing the audio, appeared on Reporter TV and claimed that Dileep, along with his brother Anoop, and brother-in-law Suraj had planned to kill Biju Poulose, a deputy superintendent of police who enquired about the actor abduction case. 


Dileep in trouble

These audios produced by Balachandrakumar were recorded a couple of years ago. According to Balachandrakumar, Dileep made these remarks after coming out from jail. It should be noted that Dileep had spent 84 days in jail under remand. 

As the audio went viral, the police soon initiated a case against Dileep under multifarious sections including conspiracy to plot a murder. As pressure mounted up, Dileep filed an anticipatory bail plea in the honorable High Court of Kerala, and the pleading is still going on. 

However, on Saturday, the High Court made some interesting observations and ordered Dileep to produce all of his smartphones by Monday, 10.15 AM. 

Earlier, the prosecution had demanded Dileep's old phone, but the actor repeatedly denied the request from police officers. The actor had claimed that he himself has given these smartphones to a technician in Mumbai for forensic examination. The actor, during the hearing, requested the court to respect his privacy and pleaded that he cannot produce the smartphones. However, the court did not hear Dileep's arguments and ordered the actor to produce the phones by Monday. 

Dileep bought new phone to tamper evidence

The prosecution alleged that Dileep had swapped the old phone with a new one to hide several crucial pieces of evidence in association with the case. On the other hand, Dileep's lawyer claimed that investigation officers are conspiring against Dileep, and he added that Balachandrakumar is nothing but the prosecution's puppet. 

Meanwhile, the police have apparently registered a suo moto case against Reporter TV and top journalist MV Nikesh Kumar for bringing Balachandrakumar on his prime debate. Earlier, the court has ordered not to cover court proceedings in association with the actress abduction case.