Mollywood actor Dileep is facing new problems in his life, as the Kerala police have decided to reopen the actress abduction case. The new development happened after Balachandrakumar, Dileep's friend and a film director alleged that the actor has tried to lure prosecution witnesses. Balachandrakumar also claimed that Dileep had seen the visuals of the actress abduction. 

Balachandrakumar's revelation gives a new dimension to the case

It was around five days back that Balachandrakumar gave an exclusive interview to Reporter TV. A month back, Balachandrakumar had also given a complaint to the chief minister of Kerala claiming that his life is in danger. 

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During the interview, Balachandrakumar made some shocking revelations about Dileep. 

"I had decided to make a movie with Dileep named Pick Pocket. It was during these times that I and Dileep became good friends, and at one point in time, Dileep opened up about the actress abduction case. It made me suspicious, and one day, I recorded Dileep's conversation with his brother Anoop and his brother-in-law. During this conversation, the trio talked about luring prosecution witnesses. Dileep, on the same day called me to watch the alleged video clip in which the actress was abducted and molested. I have given all the details in the chief minister's complaint," said Balachandrakumar. 

Balachandrakumar also added that Dileep had a close association with Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in this case. 

Is Dileep the leader of a criminal syndicate? 

Balachandrakumar, during the interview, also claimed that Dileep is the leader of a criminal syndicate named Lions. According to Balachandrakumar, Dileep is a man who wears a mask in his real life, and he will be ready to do any crimes to protect his image. 

"My life is in danger, and it gives me that extra courage to open up about Dileep's crime in media. Dileep is a man who may even kill people to protect his image. I need police protection, and that is why I filed a lodged complaint," added Balachandrakumar. 

It should be noted that the honorable Supreme Court of India had already ordered the lower court to wrap up the hearing process by February 2022. As Balachandrakumar's revelation came at a crucial time of the hearing, it is literally giving a new dimension to the actress abduction case which literally shooked the entertainment industry in Kerala.