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Mollywood megastar Mammootty's new movie 'Abrahaminte Santhathikal' hit the big screens all around India on June 16, 2018. Unlike other Mammootty films, fan shows were almost not held for this movie, and in most of the centers, the show started at the usual time, 11.00 AM. As expectations were too high for this Shaji Padoor directorial, most of the initial shows all across Kerala were houseful.

So, did the movie succeed in fulfilling the expectations of the viewers? Let us check it out...

First Half Analysis: An Interesting Beginning

The movie began with a very interesting note. Mammootty who plays Derek Abraham, the dashing daredevil cop is given the assignment to investigate a series of murder committed by a serial killer. As the title suggests, the way in which the murders were committed had a strong Biblical connection. At a certain point in time, audience may find the killer's modus operandi very similar to the one which was portrayed in Jeethu Joseph's Prithviraj movie 'Memories'.

The initial 30 minutes of the movie was so gripping in nature, and audience expected something big in the store waiting to be unleashed. However, the director failed to keep up the momentum in the remaining portions of the first half, and he mainly concentrated on the personal issues faced by Derek Abraham, after his suspension. In the meantime, a parallel track features Derek's brother (Anson Paul) gets framed as an accused in a murder case. The journey of Derek Abraham to solve both the cases with an interwoven connection forms the remaining part of the movie.

Second Half Analysis: The investigation goes on

Derek Abraham is such an adamant police officer who is game for any game when it comes to solving cases. Even after his suspension, he is a policeman in his mind and he is not ready to compromise his ethics even for his blood relation. With many predictable twists and turns, the movie ends with a banging climax which will give goosebumps to the audience.

Mammootty at his best

Mammootty is one of the finest actors which Indian film industry has ever witnessed. For him, playing the role of Derek Abraham was a cakewalk, and he literally outshone every other actor in the movie.

The actor literally excelled in emotional scenes, but in stunt sequences, the actor once again proclaimed that his age is drawing him backward in performing action scenes.

The supporting actors in the film, Siddique, Kalabhavan Shajon, Renji Panicker, Kaniha, and Suresh Krishna too did justice to their roles. However, the performance of Anson Joseph who played the role of Derek's brother was a slightly disappointing as he went over the board many times in emotional scenes.

Shaji Padoor and Haneef Adeni: The real heroes of the movie

As mentioned earlier, the initial 30 minutes of the movie was pure elegance. Later, the movie derails a bit, and in the second half, the plot regains the momentum. With unexpected twists and turns, the film ends with a bang. The climax twist was sheer excellence to be experienced by everyone.

Haneef Adeni who previously directed 'The Great Father' has once again repeated the magic in this film. The script was very tight, and there is not even a single loophole in the entire movie.

Shaji Padoor who has previously worked with legends like Joshiy and Shaji Kailas proved that he is an asset to the Malayalam film industry.

Another major highlight of the movie is Gopi Sundar's scintillating background score. The music of the movie literally blends with the overall mood of the flick, and it played a crucial role in making the audience glued to the screen in theatres.

Final Verdict

'Abrahaminte Santhathikal' is stylish, engaging and racy thriller which ends with a high note. This movie is a masterpiece from Shaji Padoor and is worth watching and enjoying.