Abrahaminte Santhathikal
Mammootty in Abrahaminte Santhathikal.PR Handout

After working with filmmakers like Joshiy, Shaji Kailas, Renji Panicker, and Vysakh, Shaji Padoor is making his directorial debut with Abrahaminte Santhathikal. Mammootty is playing the lead role in the movie, which has Kanika in the female lead. Anson Paul, Tharushi, Yog Japee, Siddique, Renji Panicker and others are in the cast.

Gopi Sundar has composed the music, Mahesh Narayan has edited the flick, while Alby has handled the cinematography. The interesting part of the film is that Haneef Adeni, who wrote and directed The Great Father with Mammukka, has contributed the story and screenplay for Abrahaminte Santhathikal.


Mammootty is back in the role of a cop again. The actor, who has donned khaki for the successful films like Rakshasa Rajiv, CI Antony Simon, ACP Narendran among a few others, played the cop in Street Light which was released earlier this year.

In the latest movie, he has played an IPS officer named Derick Abraham. It is a suspense thriller which narrates the story of personal issues faced by him and how it will impact his career will be narrated in 131 minutes of the film's run-time.

The movie is set in the backdrop of Ernakulam. Like usual cop movies, the movie will not project Derick Abraham as a superhero, but like a normal man. His conflicts within and how he overcomes it forms the crux of the story.

Derick Abraham is a tough cop, who has a history of solving complicated cases. He has strong ethics and what happens when his sibling played by Anson Paul is accused in a murder case is the interesting part of the story. 

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3


The movie has a decent first half and saved by the good second half. The movie has an routine script, but the quality is enhanced by the technical departments. At some point of time, the story becomes predictable, say viewers. 

Mammootty fits the bill perfectly as he plays the character that suits his age. Other characters that include Ansol Paul have done justice to their roles. The powerful one-liners and cinematography are the other highlights of the investigative suspense thriller. 

Find out the viewers response to the Malayalam film below:

Akshay G: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal is a terrific family thriller. #ShajiPadoor is here to stay. @haneef_adeni the man, master brain @mammukka this is a blockbuster for sure. Eid winner.

CinemaHolics South: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal
Once a Mega Star always a Mega Star
Fantastic thriller
Must Watch
No other words to describe this excellent movie. Sure shot Blockbuster

Malayalam box office: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal Good 1st half
Stylish Intro for @mammukka with superb bgm
Stylish direction, emotional subject handled well
Waiting for 2nd Half
Superb Second half and Heavy Climax
Excellent Performance from @mammukka and Anson
Decent script, Shaji direction✌
BGM & DOP set the Tone
Blockbuster Loading
Enjoy #EID with #AbrahaminteSanthathikal

Malayalam Review: Average first half
Good in parts
Different Making but too slow
Script also not imprassive so far
Music,DOP Main +ve
Good Second half and Climax
Average Script But Direction by Shaji Padoor
Making Style ✌
Mammooka & Anson Paul
Sure shot Boxoffice Winner
Good Audience Response after the movie
Last Portions Worked well3/5

Muhammad Adhil: Gud 1st haf with importance to emotions and relationships rather than style and gimmicks.Haneef Adeni improves as a writer and pulls of a neat drama.2nd haf to decide further @mammukka
Haneef Adeni and Shaji proposes Megastar disposes #AbrahaminteSanthathikal works as an emotional drama and a thriller as well.Sans a few flaws Heneef improves a lot from #TheGreatFather this time around to please the fans and general audience alike.
One of the best introduction's Ikka ever had.Gopi Sundar and Alby to take half the credits

Morpheus: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal is a neatly written suspense-investigative thriller. A decent first half followed by a brilliant second half makes it good watch.
Personally loved it more than #TheGreatFather :)

AhsabHussain: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal
A Stellar Police Movie
Last 45 Minuets
4/5 ⭐️

Ben: After great father a great suspense crime thriller from mamooty
Great Storytelling and a fast paced film
Loved it absolutely
#AbrahaminteSanthathikal review

sadiq ali: #Ansonpaul and #KalabhavanShajon stands out in rest of the cast
Last 20 mins and climax scenes were executed well.
Good and improved writing from Haneef Adeni in dialogues too.
Superb highly entertaining film
After years a fully and highly satisfying one from #Mammukka
Improved writing from #HaneefAdeni(will be a trustworthy name in malayalam film)
Very good Debut #shajipadoor
Bgm king #Gopisunder
Go for it✌
Abu Thahir‏

AbuThahir: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal :
Average First Half Followed By An Above Average Second Half With An Excellent Climax Makes It A Decent Engaging Thriller To Watch
Excellent Performance From @mammukka Supported By #Anson & #HaneefAdeni Dialogues✌️
Good Debut For #ShajiPadoor

Forum Keralam: #AbrahaminteSanthathikal Starts with a bang.. Huge rush in single screens & Plexes


Abrahaminte Santhathikal is releasing on Saturday, June 15 on the occasion of Ramadan festival. Here, we bring you the live audience response of the Malayalam flick: