disappointing newcomers

While on one hand, we had newcomers making some of the most phenomenal debuts this year, there were many whose debut failed to make a mark. Not only did they lack in the acting department but also couldn't do much to grab the audience's attention. From Aayush Sharma, Rohan Mehra to Warina Hussain; let's take a look at the most disappointing debuts of the year.

Aayush Sharma: When you are Salman Khan's brother-in-law, ready to make your big Bollywood debut, the expectations are bound to be high. And unfortunately, Aayush Sharma couldn't live up to any. Not only were his expressions falling flat during many of the scenes in 'Loveyatri', but he also disappointed us in the dance department too.

Warina Hussain: She might have aced the looks and beauty department, but, when it comes to the acting department, Warina did fall short. Not only her acting seemed too rehearsed but also she seemed detached from the character emotionally.

Rohan Mehra: Vinod Mehra's son, Rohan Mehra, was somewhere in between what could have been a good performance and what could have slipped into a bad one. Though the young lad seemed confident onscreen (something which his character demanded) but he had failed to slip into the skin of his character. However, we still have high hopes from this one. 

Aisha Sharma: In her big blockbuster debut, Satyamev Jayate, Aisha Sharma failed to wow anyone. Not only did she appear to have been lost in the plot, but her poker-faced expressions were also too much to handle.

Monica Gill: The director must have picked her up after a grilling round of audition, but somewhere that acting talent seemed lost amidst all the chaos in the film. Monica Gill failed to make a mark or leave one. However, we wouldn't strike her off as she did seem to possess all the chops needed to make it big.