Debutant director Ganesh Raj's Malayalam movie Aanandam was released on 73 screens in Kerala on Friday, October 21. The campus entertainer narrates the incidents that happen during a four-day trip taken by a batch of engineering students in Kerala.

The movie, which marks the debut production venture of actor-singer-director Vineeth Sreenivasan, stars seven debutants in the lead roles. Arun Kurian, Anu Antony, Thomas Mathew, Roshan Mathew, Siddhi Mahajankatti, Vishak Nair and Anarkali Marikar are the main actors of the campus movie, which has been hitting headlines since it went on floors.

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Since campus stories have always worked wonders at the Kerala box office, Aanandam is also expected to take the audience back to their college days. As the team of the movie considers engineering students as their prime target, they have promoted the film at almost all the major professional colleges in Kerala.

Aanandam, which is being distributed by Lal Jose Film Pvt Ltd in Kerala, will hit the screens outside the state with English subtitles next week.

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The first review of Aanandam came from Vivek Ranjit, who subtitled the campus movie. He is all praise for the movie, which he claims is a realistic and enjoyable film, much better than the hit musical campus movie, Happy Days.

Saw this lovely film for subtitling today and I can confidently say that this one's surely gonna be a treat. Was smiling from the first frame to the last. All the new kids have done a brilliant job. If the overtly cheesy (at least for me) 'Happy Days' was the benchmark in this genre so far, Aanandam is a hundred times better and will surely raise the benchmark much higher and deservingly so. It's realistic, enjoyable and entertaining and is sure to bring all the college memories back for college pass-outs and will be aspirational for students who are in colleges now. Watch out for this film!! Well done, Ganesh Raj, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Anend C Chandran, Sachin Warrier, Abhinav Sunder Nayak, Vinod Shornur, Shafi Chemmad and team. More later! ☺️

PS - I usually don't write opinions about movies I subtitle ahead of their release, but couldn't stop myself from writing about this one, especially because films without stars have to be watched and this has all the potential to woo the audience once they watch it," Vivek had shared on his Facebook page.

Check out the audience response on Aanandam here:

Roopesh Peethambaran 

Aanandam is all abt happiness!! :D
Thank you Ganesh Raj n Vineeth Sreenivasan for giving us a beautiful film and some remarkable new talents!! Nostalgia adichu marichu alliyaa!! ;)
Abhinav Sunder Nayak, Ni vere level aada ;)
Rony David, polichu alliyaa..!!
Cinematography and Music - Top notch!!
People out there, don't think too much just go and watch 'Aanandam' and have super fun!!

Arun Raj

Watched Aanandam.... You dont have to be an engineering student to enjoy this one its so damn relatable:-) One another Feel Good Adventure from Vineeth and team .... Hats off to Ganesh raj... Super cinematography... Anyway loved it.

Aswath Ramesh V

Some movie titles make no sense...it's either a random quote by the star lead or some quirky name supposed to awe . It's been a really long time since I have actually experienced the title every minute of a movie -AANANDAM - is a bloody awesome attempt - must watch !!! :) ;)

Vimal Kochiyil

Aanandam is a sweet story which shows the lifes of students in an engineering college presented in a travel mood. The first half is full of life, fun and vibrance. Second half comes to tripping mixed with romance. There is a whole lot of freshness in the movie.... You feel it resembles#happydays movie. But I can assure that this is different from the former one.

#hatsoff to the whole cast especially to #vishak as #kuppi. You are the real star.
#arun#anarkali#siddhi#roshan#anu#thomasAwesome refreshing frames by Anend C Chandran...#cinematography. Nice songs sung by Vineeth Srinivasan and music by Sachin Warrier.

When it comes to the direction and acting, each and everyone nailed it
The guest cameo done by #Nivin shows how he supports new artists...
A must watch feel good refreshin film by Ganesh Raj on his directorial debut :)

Overall: A watchable entertainer to refresh your heart. Reminds college life, friendship, fun, tour(Industrial Visits) and love. ***If you want to go far , then go with friends together****

Chandra Mohan Gopinath

Aanandam is a movie totally justifying its title providing wholesome entertainment, fun happiness and nostalgia once you finish watching it. Don't think too much and dig too deep, just go and watch it if you want to refresh your college memories if you have passed that stage of life. For the present generation, its a movie which they can easily relate to with their current phase in life. Rating - 3.5 / 5

Shaleel Azeez 

Aanandam - Awesome....
A film that many people have been able to relate to. Malayalam has got one more talented director in Ganesh Raj.

‎Vishnu Pai‎ 

To start with - #IniAanandame. Let this happiness continue for more days...Bear with me for such a long review.. :) the movie says everything...Got the opportunity to meet all the main characters for FDFS. <3

When you have The "Vineeth Sreenivasan" who is producing his first Movie you know the expectations is more. And he has the confidence in all the work he does. Like Malarvadi Arts Club, he gave the opportunity to Directorial Debutant Ganesh Raj. The movie is well directed and it has all the essence, The travel, Friendship, Romance, sentiments which gives the feel to watch it. The movie was all about the be a trip every college student would dream about.

I have enjoyed each sec spent in the theater. The casting of each character played in the movie was really good and the director managed to get the best out of everyone.
To start with i did not feel it was debut movie for all of them. Sachin Warrier bro, i was enjoying the songs. your debut in music direction, hats off to you. Well composed. Khule rastom pe is still in my ears... i conveyed my review to you thrice i beleive.. :)

Abhinav Sunder Nayak well edited from you. And as requested. i will ask my friends to watch the movie. :) and review conveyed as well. Vinitha Koshy you did a great job. from the dubsmash to the big screen as Lovely teacher. Hope you get more projects in your kitty. from the start njan review already paranju kazhinju...

Arun Kurian your angry young man/leader in the group was really nice. i conveyed the same to you. :) Siddhi Mahajankatti i conveyed the wishes to you as well. and i was the one on the left but unfortunately had to give the seat to your relative :)you did your part really well. Vishak Nair you were really good with the cool dude, making the audience laugh from the start of the movie. thumbs up buddy...Anarkali Marikar : though you had a single dialogue at the end, your character played an important role. :) Roshan Mathew your cool dude character was really good. But sooji pedikaan padilla. :) well done...

My review - 3.5/5... Must watch movie.. **** spread the Aanandam..

Saransh Shenoy

Aanandam - A Celebration of Youth <3
We have had numerous college-centric campus movies. We have had a 'Happy Days' that became the benchmark for this genre.
Aanandam is neither of the two.
It is not the second 'Happy Days'. It is the first and unique 'Aanandam'.
The four years of an engineering student - those are the toughest years in his or her life - but the most cherished as well.
In a phase spanning 4 years, he/she would tell you some of the best memories were the handful of days on IV tour, those few days away from routine, of unabashed freedom, of togetherness, of realisation.
Aanandam is a celebration of those memories! And then,
there is travel, there is joy, there is emotion, there is friendship, there is love, there is fun, there is a guest appearance from .................
There is an Akshay, Kuppi, Gautham, Varun, Devika, Dia among you - in short, a fresh and clean entertainer that will bring back sweet memories, that has been received with a standing ovation and a houseful of applause from a mostly young First Show audience at Cinepolis Kochi - Centre Square Mall!
A visual delight, a feel good experience <3
I would to watch 'Aanandam' again with my college buddies!
To Ganesh bro. Feeling happy for you... oops..Feeling ആനന്ദം for you!
That's how you make a dream debut!


#Aanandam good enjoyable movie

Shaleel Azeez

Aanandam - Awesome....
A film that many people have been able to relate to. Malayalam has got one more talented director in Ganesh Raj.

Joji EJ

Fdfs Feelgoodinde kunjammede mwonde mwon <3
Once who have passed engg college lyf u gnna have a nostalgic moments and for those who have been on this stage can easily relate this movie ...mark my words from now onwards in engineering iv/tours humpi is also gonna be there....
A movie totally justifies its title !!!
Ganesh Raj chetta katta waiting for your next movie

Sachin José ‏

#aanandam #FDFS first half engaging and entertaining... waiting for second half. #aanandam #FDFS must-watch for youth... successful production debut by #VineethSreenivasan

Nishad KS

Aanadham finished .ammazing love story...☺ .super IV trip.....visual love treat.....realy enjoyable movie

Vishnu Gs 

#Aanandam superb first half.nice songs enjoyed throughout .as common movie lover i love it .. waiting for second half. #Aanandam nice small film.. Very well executed.. No dull moment at all. Everyone can enjoy it go & watch it you will love it

Mithun Mangaly

Such a good movie.. please go n watch guys. You will love it .... and you will for sure love the "surprise elements" 

Nithin Raj

Aanandam is truly Aanandam for us Audience