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The upcoming Malayalam movie Aanandam, starring seven newcomers in lead roles, has been tagged as one of the most awaited films in Kerala for being a campus entertainer. Many campus stories have emerged winners at the Kerala box office and the debut directorial venture of Ganesh Raj is expected to repeat the success of the movies that fall under this genre.

Despite having debutants among the cast and crew, Aanandam has been making headlines for many reasons since it started rolling. It is the debut production venture of filmmaker, singer and actor Vineeth Sreenivasan, and the trailer and songs of the movie have already impressed the audience.

Not just this, the team of Aanandam, who consider college students as their primary targets, has been promoting the movie in almost all professional colleges in Kerala. Now, the social media buzz reveals that the movie-goers are eagerly awaiting the release of Aanandam.

Aanandam stars seven debutants in lead roles and narrates an incident of four-days of engineering students in Kerala. Friendship and love play major roles in the campus entertainer and the makers have revealed that the current generation of students will easily connect it with their own college days. The campus movie is scheduled to hit the screens on Friday, October 21.

Meet the characters of Aanandam here:

Thomas Mathew

Thomas is the handsome lover boy Akshay in Aanandam

Akshay is a sweet innocent shy introvert person, who is extremely close to his friends but not popular outside the gang. Full of love, his innocence makes him everyone's dear friend. If he likes a girl, everyone in class will know about it except that girl.

Thomas Mathew in Aanandam
Thomas Mathew in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Anu Antony

Anu Antony plays as Devika aka Devooty.

Devika is fire. She's hot-headed, fierce and doesn't hold back her words. But she oozes an innocence rarely seen and that she's sweet in her own unique ways

Anu Antony in Aanandam
Anu Antony in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Arun Kurian

As seen in the two songs of Aanandam released recently, Arun, who plays as Varun Manjooran is a perfectionist.

Arun Kurian as Varun Manjooran, the no-nonsense guy. Disciplined, perfectionist, impassively well-mannered with a no-nonsense attitude. Yet, he's a boy at heart who loves his friends more than anything in the world.

Arun Kurian in Aanandam
Arun Kurian in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Siddhi Mahajankatti.

Siddhi plays as Dia in Aanandam

She is Sunshine. She is light. She is joy and full of life.

Siddhi Mahajankatti in Aanandam
Siddhi Mahajankatti in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Roshan Mathew

The character played by Roshan is Gautham Roy, who is the lead singer of the college music band. 

Gautham is the lead singer for the college metal band "Headshot" and the college rockstar. Beneath the thick mane and beard, he's just as much of a kid as the rest of them.

Roshan Mathew in Aanandam
Roshan Mathew in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Anarkali Marikar

Anarkali will be seen as Darshana, who is an artistic soul in the group.

They say the ones who don't speak much hear more. Darshana is silent but as her name suggests, she's the one who sees. And what she sees, she draws, in a book she keeps to herself.

Anarkali Marikar in Aanandam
Anarkali Marikar in AanandamAanandam/Facebook

Vishak Nair

From the trailer and songs of Aanandam, it is evident that Vishak is the coolest person in the group. He plays as K Unnikrishnan Pillai aka Kuppi.

In his own words, 'Kuppi has the energy of a 10-year-old, the IQ of a Labrador and the emotional quotient of a saint. He is narcissistic, armed with unhealthy levels of self-confidence and aspires to be everyone's best friend.'

Vishak Nair in Aanandam
Vishak Nair in AanandamAanandam/Facebook