America has erupted. The anger of the silent majority is translating into protests. From Black Lives Matter to every regular American Joe and Jane has found their voice —finally. But do these uprisings result in a tangible change in the way American state has dealt with the good citizen?

From 'Karens and Kevins' (we do not support the usage of these names as here's why) to Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporters, the extremists even though considerably smaller in number have long battered the social and inclusive fabric of the good old American dream

The deep-rooted injustices toward communities of color and immigrants were a balloon of persecution which was meant to burst someday. The cracks on the wall are gaping and it could be any day now. But will the enthusiasm fizzle out or will the voice of the silent majority see some change in American politics, needs to be seen?

99 days of Trump
99 days of TrumpIBT

Meanwhile, here's what the people have been tweeting around the 99-days trend:

"I feel like I am watching a video of North Korea or another fascist regime. Why is Trump sending troops to attack America citizens - his Gestapo. 99 days until we throw Trump and his Republican enablers out!" tweets, Amy Siskind.

"Not a plea to impeach him again (been there, done that) but a reminder going into the election 99 days from now: Trump will keep getting worse until we have no republic left," wrote, Laurence Tribe.

"99 days. Register. Vote early. Work every day. Fu*k that guy," Rick Wilson.

"I get PERSONAL satisfaction knowing that #DictatorTrump is miserable, scared, panicked, and annoyed by all of us reminding him and his followers that he's got 99 days left. Keep it up, Tweeps," wrote, Brooklyn Dad.

"Just think, in 99 days there is a very good chance, we can live in a world that isn't being abused by a malignant narcissist. The pandemic will most likely still be an issue, but we will be able to breathe in peace," wrote Valerie.