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Seven elephants were electrocuted in Odisha on Friday. The incident came to light when the villagers discovered the carcasses. Three elephants were found on the road and the others were found in a nearby canal.

A PTI report states that a herd of 13 elephants were crossing Kamalanga village in Dhenkanal, Odisha, when they came in contact with a live 11-KV line.

The report states that the elephants came in contact with the wire when they were going towards a canal road through a paddy field.

According to Hindustan Times, wildlife activists have claimed that the forest officials have done nothing to prevent the deaths of the animals even though similar incidents have taken place before.

"We have repeatedly told the forest department about 200 spots in Dhenkanal where high voltage power lines are sagging and could endanger the lives of elephants, but no action has been taken. The deaths are unpardonable," Dr Biswajit Mohanty of Wildlife Society of Odisha told Hindustan Times.

Activists have said that at least 54 elephants have died since April due to poaching, electrocution or poisoning.

They have urged the forest department to take measures to protest the animals.

The PTI also states that a forest official had told the energy department to make sure that the electric wire is kept 17-18 feet above the ground.