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China's Liu Shiwen is the top ranked woman player at Asian Cup 2017.Reuters

China's Fan Zhendong and Li Shiwen are the highest ranked players at the 30th Table Tennis Asian Cup 2017 to be held in Ahmedabad from September 15 to 17 at The Arena by TransStadia. Continent's top players will be in action at the $50,000 prize money event.

The tournament will be played in two categories - men's and women's singles with a total of 32 players in action. Zhendong is world number two while Shiwen is ranked fourth in the world.

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India's hopes rest on Sharath Kamal and Harmeet Desai in men's event while Manika Batra is in women's section. All 32 players have been confirmed by the organisers - Gujarat State Table Tennis Association (GSTTA).

Here is your complete guide to the event

Highlights of Asian Cup

  • Competition will be played on league-cum-knockout basis
  • Top players of the Asian continent, two from one countries
  • Sharath Kamal and Harmeet Desai are from India in men's draw
  • Manika Batra will lead India in women's challenge
  • Harmeet is first Gujarati to make it to Asian Cup
  • Harmeet is ranked 89th in current rankings
  • Liu Shiwen was part of gold medal team of China at Rio Olympics
  • Fan Zhendong is world No. 2 and is top ranked male player in 16
  • Zhendong is also Asian champion 2017
  • 12 countries are participating in the event
  • Only 32 players (16 men, 16 women) make it to this prestigious $50,000 event
  • Qualifying event for the World Cup 2017 to be held in October
  • Opening ceremony on September 15 at 4.30 PM IST
  • DD Sports will be official broadcaster in India
  • Free entry passes for spectators on all the three days
  • GSTTA has invited players and their families across Gujarat


Holder of 2016 Asian Cup, Singles Champion of 2017 Asian Championships, top 10 players from the July 2017 ITTF Ranking List, four Regional Representatives, one each from South Asia, South East Asia, West Asia and Middle Asia. There shall be a maximum of 2 players from an Association unless a third player is invited as a "wild card". If the Asian Champion is also the holder of the Asian Cup, the available place shall go to the next highest eligible player on the July 2017 ITTF World Ranking List.

Playing method

Twelve top players from Asia will be drawn into three groups (Group A, B and C) of 4 players each. The four players from each region will form a group (Group D) to compete in a "Continental Cup".

First Stage: All four groups will play in a round-robin system. Winners and runners-up of Groups A, B and C will go directly to the Second Stage.

3rd position players of Group A, B and C will join the winner of Group D to play a single play-off match to determine the last two positions of Second Stage.

Second Stage: Single knock-out to determine the top 8 positions.

All matches in stage 1 including the play-off matches shall be played best of five games and all matches in stage two shall be best of seven games.

Table Tennis
India's hopes rest on Sharath Kamal.Reuters


For the 1st Stage draw, the top twelve players will be drawn into Group A, B and C according to their latest ITTF ranking, with players from the same Association drawn into separate groups. Regional representatives will be drawn randomly in positions of Group D.

For the 2nd Stage draw, players in the same group will be drawn into different halves.

The second player from the same Association shall be drawn so that they do not meet before the semi-final stage.

Prize money

Total prize money is $50,000. Winners (both men and men) receive $7,000 each while runners-up get $3,500. For the players at third position, $2,000 each will be given.

Note: All prize money subject to tax deduction.

Here is the list of players for the tournament


Sr. No Name Country Age World Rank Grip Handed
1 FAN Zhendong CHINA 20 02 Shake hand Right
2 MIZUTANI Jun JAPAN 28 06 Shake hand Left
3 WONG Chun Ting HONGKONG 25 07 Pen hold Right
4 NIWA Koki JAPAN 22 09 Shake hand Left
5 LEE Sangsu SOUTH KOREA 27 12 Shake hand Right
6 CHUANG Chih Yuan TPE 36 15 Shake hand Right
7 LIN Gaoyuan CHINA 22 29 Shake hand Left
8 JEONG Sangeun KOREA 27 42 Shake hand Right
9 Achanta Sharath Kamal INDIA 35 47 Shake hand Right
10 CHEN Chien-An CHINESE TAIPEI 26 45 Shake hand Left
11 HO Kwan Kit HONGKONG 20 55 Shake hand Left
12 ALAMIYAN Noshad IRAN 25 68 Shake hand Left
13 DESAI Harmeet INDIA 24 89 Shake hand Right
14 TANVIRYAVECHAKUL Padasak THAILAND 21 213 Shake hand Left
15 AL-ABBAD Abdulaziz SAUDI ARABIA 34 334 Shake hand Right
16 ALAMIAN Nima IRAN 24 105 Shake hand Right


Sr. No Name Country Age World Rank Grip Handed
1 Liu Shiwen CHINA 26 4 Shake hand Right
2 HIRANO Miu JAPAN 17 6 Shake hand Right
3 ZHU Yuling CHINA 22 3 Shake hand Right
4 FENG Tianwei SINGAPORE 31 8 Shake hand Right
5 ISHKAWA Kasumi JAPAN 24 5 Shake hand Left
6 CHENG I-Ching CHINESE TAIPEI 25 10 Shake hand Right
7 YANG Haeun SOUTH KOREA 23 22 Shake hand Right
8 SUH Hyowon SOUTH KOREA 30 30 Shake hand Right
9 DOO Hoi Kem HONGKONG 20 12 Shake hand Right
10 YU Mengyu SINGAPORE 28 13 Shake hand Right
11 CHEN-Szu-Yu TAIPEI 24 40 Shake hand Right
12 LEE Ho Ching HONGKONG 24 22 Shake hand Right
13 BATRA Manika INDIA 22 110 Shake hand Right
14 SAWETTABUT Suthasini THAILAND 23 67 Shake hand Right
15 MOHAMED Aia QATAR 23 542 Shake hand Right
16 SHAHASvARI Neda IRAN 30 276 Shake hand Left