We have been treated with a fair share of 2019 iPhone (iPhone 11) and iPhone XR2 leaks, all of which have been a sore to the eye. The unappealing design of the camera bump at the back has been widely criticised, but there's another reason to skip this year's iPhone upgrade as Apple has some big plans in store for 2020.

MacRumors obtained a leaked report from Barclays that talks in length about Apple's innovative plans for 2020 iPhone (iPhone 12?), which are already in motion and all set to face the critics as early as next year. We are yet to see what Apple has in store for this year's iPhone upgrade, but if the leaked report is any indication, we'd suggest skipping the iPhone 11 upgrade completely this September.

Apple is probably the only flagship maker to ditch in-display fingerprint scanner or a fingerprint sensor in general in its iPhones. Ever since the Cupertino-based tech titan bid farewell to the critically-acclaimed Touch ID in favour of Face ID in iPhone X and later models, the world has missed the one-tap-to-unlock option. Although the Face ID gives little reasons to miss the fingerprint sensor in iPhones, Apple is going to add it in 2020 iPhones as it goes on to protect the phones better.

Touch ID
2020 iPhone Touch ID improvementReuters

Unlike traditional in-display fingerprint scanners that we see today, Apple will make a huge technological leap in innovating the lauded biometric sensor. Barclays report states that Apple has reimagined the Touch ID sensor to fill the whole screen. This means users can touch anywhere on the iPhone display to unlock the phone. Even the thought of such technological advancement is exciting.

To think of it, Apple's new full-screen Touch ID sensor makes sense. Unlike the regular fingerprint sensors on the back of the phone or within the home button, the in-display sensors do not have edges to guide the fingertips. The in-screen scanners today only have a small specified area on the display that recognises the registered fingerprint. This requires extra attention while unlocking the phone. But having the entire screen real estate to simply touch and unlock the phone improves efficiency.

2019 iPhone design concept
2019 iPhone design conceptOnLeaks - CashKaro

But how do you convince yourself to fight the temptation of upgrading to the latest iPhone with just one big improvement promised in the next one? You don't. The report further states that 2020 iPhones will have 5G support and 3D-sensing rear camera setup. Also, all 2020 iPhones will make the switch to OLED displays.

For 2019 iPhones, rumours suggest triple camera setup in high-end models, elimination of 3D Touch in all models and 1GB extra RAM and LCD display for iPhone XR successor. Now going to back to comparing these changes with phenomenal upgrades expected in next year's iPhones, you'll have more than one reason to skip an upgrade this year.