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After the body of a two-year-old girl was found in a well in Coimbatore earlier this week, the police arrested her uncle on Wednesday for sexually assaulting and murdering her.

The victim's body was discovered in a well near her grandmother's house at Vilankurichi in Coimbatore. Reports state that her uncle had sexually assaulted her and when she started to scream in pain, he smothered her to death. He then threw the body into the well, hoping that it will not be discovered.

Violence against children has been increasing at an alarmingly high rate over the past few weeks and this incident is the latest in a series of gruesome assaults against minors, especially girls.

The incident took place early on Monday, June 24. The girl was at her maternal grandparents' home in Coimbatore along with her mother. Reports state that at 3 am, the man, in an intoxicated state, carried the little girl outside the house and proceeded to sexually assault her.

As the girl began to scream, the man used a piece of cloth to muffle her sounds but ended up smothering and killing her. He hoped that the body would not be discovered.

Soon, the victim's mother discovered that she was missing and raised an alarm. Her family members and locals, including the accused, conducted a search in the area. The police was also informed and they began to interrogate everyone in the house.

They realised that the uncle was not telling the truth when he kept giving contradictory answers. When the police pressed him, he confessed to having sexually assaulting and killing the girl.

In an equally shocking case, a nine-month-old infant was raped and murdered in Telangana last week. The accused was the girl's neighbour who sexually assaulted her in a drunken state.