NDRF teams have reached flood affected area of JandK, 3931 people saved: OP Singh

Two Noida policemen were suspended due to indiscipline after they failed to recognise the Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police's vehicle and salute it.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon. 

OP Singh, the DGP, who was dressed in plain clothes was returning to Lucknow from Delhi in his official vehicle along with an escort team.

When the police chief's entourage was crossing Noida, they happened to stop at a check post where the two policemen, sub-inspector Hari Bhan Singh, and constable Yogesh Kumar who were at the Amrapali check-post without wearing their caps.

Reports say that they were unaware of the police chief travelling through the region and that he would be crossing that checkpoint. No one had alerted them as he was nearing the checkpoint. 

"Not only did they not have caps, they also did not salute the DGP, who was in plainclothes. The top cop asked his driver to stop the car and called the two policemen at the check post. They failed to recognise him and even asked about his identity. This angered the police chief," a source told TOI.

"The SI and the constable were not wearing their caps, which were kept in their Maruti Gypsy, while they were on duty. They had failed to recognise the vehicle of the DGP and their approach was very casual during the episode. So they have been suspended for indiscipline," the Superintendent of Police Ajay Pal Sharma told PTI.

SSP Sharma said that there was no altercation between the policemen and the DGP and that the two had recognised the vehicle after reaching near the vehicle.