Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's movie 2.0
Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's movie 2.0Collage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

The distributors of 2.0 have reportedly asked exhibitors to screen KGF, but the exhibitors are not ready for their condition, which has caused delay in the schedule list and advance booking for the Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer.

The much-awaited movie 2.0 is scheduled for massive release in the cinema halls across the globe on November 29. The film is also hitting the screens in Hindi and the fans of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar are all thrilled to watch it.

But with two days away from its release, advance booking is yet to open for many screens in North India. Many fans are demanding the exhibitor to opening booking.

A viewer named Anupa Chatterjee tweeted, "Mam me and my family really excited for watching this movie, when I opened #Bookmyshow app for purchase tickets but I saw only 3nos. Hall. And distance too much, Please release more halls. Then audience watching this movie... Thank you ..."

The advance booking for 2.0 opened in a few screens on Sunday, but many cinema halls are yet to display the schedule list of its screening and open advance booking. AA Films, which has acquired the theatrical rights of its Hindi version, is said to be responsible for the delay in this process as they are yet to finalise the deals with the exhibitors.

It is rumoured that AA Films also owns the theatrical rights of Yash's Kannada movie KGF, which is dubbed and set for release in Hindi on December 21. The distribution house wants the exhibitors to commit either for the screening of this film or to accept minimum guarantee clause.

Sumit Kadel, an observer of Bollywood trade, tweeted, "AA films even asking exhibitors to showcase KGF on 21ist December then only they will give #2point0 to them. Exhibitors refusing to do so, because of these tactics 2point0 is suffering. Its high time film house booking should get done & advance booking starts, buzz is phenomenal (sic)."

But the exhibitors are not bending low of their pressure, which has delayed the advance booking. Sumit Kadel added, "#2point0 advance booking has not started in hindi belt across India because exhibitors aren't succumbing under pressure, they dont want clubbing of two films nor they are agreeing to AA films money guarantee clause. (sic)"