2.0 Review
2.0 movie review. Some media is abuzz with some unconfirmed reviews of Rajinikanth-starrer.Twitter

Shankar is set to take Tamil cinema to the next level with his latest venture 2.0. The movie will see the light of the day in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi – in reportedly over 10,000 screens across the world, including Pakistan on Thursday, November 29. 2.0 ticket booking on BookMyShow: Poor pre-sales at box office

Even though 2.0 is yet to have its first official screening, the reviews of the movie have already started doing rounds on the internet. While some people have claimed to have watched the movie in a special screening meant for distributors, some claimed to have access to the sources in censor board through which they have heard positive things about the multiple languages.

"#2Point0 #2Point0FromNov29 #2PointO #2Point0 review. song visuals ✔ Screenplay ..✔ Akshay bgm acting✔ #2.0 red chutti so fun to watch... 3.0 ( Nano robots )✔ Overall Visual treat , must watch in 3D to get full experience rather than in 2D. [sic]" -- a person on Twitter claimed.

Similarly, another handle on Twitter wrote, "#2Point0 (U/A) Censor Talk - Blockbuster on Cards.
Vfx is Top Notch , Censor Members Gave Rave Reviews for India's Biggest film All set for #Chitti Rampage from November 29th. Second half #2Point0 vera level. Last climax fighting Awsome @shankarshanmugh u made an other hit Seqeal na ippadi irukuanum my total review 4.5/5.  @rajinikanth u made it what a man. @akshaykumar best Villan intro "

Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer has Amy Jackson playing the female lead. Another, self-proclaimed journalist says that the movie is getting terrific response. He posted, #2Point0 Fever Starts ! Getting Tremendous Response from leading Distributors & Censor Screenings !! #Rajinikanth & #AkshayKumar is coming to ROCK Boxoffice !!"[sic]

Likewise, there are many such reviews doing rounds on Twitter and here's a screen shot of one  sample:

Some have gone to the extent of making reviews on YouTube based on such reviews from social media sites.

Well, many are refusing to believe the claims citing that those are fake posts. The general perception is that such tweets are made to boost the individual social media accounts.

However, International Business Times India could not validate the authenticity of such claims for now.