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A 19-year-old boy fell to his death from the ninth floor of an apartment when he tried to enter his lover's flat through a window. The incident happened in Mumbai on Wednesday, July 10.

The dead body of the boy, who was in love with the married woman, was discovered by the watchman of the building at 2:30 am. After investigating the matter, the police concluded that the teenager, who was staying in the 15th floor of the same building, was stealthily trying to meet his lover without his uncle's knowledge nor the woman's husband's.

Shaikh, the dead boy, had moved to Mumbai from Bihar and was staying with his uncle in the building near the BYL Nair Hospital. He was working as a lab technician at a private clinic. He had fallen in love with a 24-year-old married woman who stayed with her husband in the same apartment, Times of India reports.

The two lovers would meet many times while the woman's husband was away. However, Shaikh's uncle had almost caught him once and since then he has been extra cautious. He used to enter the woman's ninth floor home through a window and later leave through the main door.

"He continued meeting his girlfriend but entered the flat through a window, which he accessed from the parapet. He reportedly went to meet her through this route a couple of times," an officer was quoted as saying by TOI.

"When he reached the flat window, he found the woman's husband at home. He then decided to return home. Since it had been raining for almost two weeks, the parapet had become slippery. All of a sudden he slipped from the ninth floor and landed on the ground floor," a police officer had said.

Shaikh was found by the watchman who was on his way to fill the water tank. He alerted the Agripada police who came and transferred Shaikh to Nair Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The police also took the woman's statement who had said that she heard a thud when Shaikh fell but did not go to check the source of the sound since her husband was around.

The police have filed a case of accidental death.