Wife stabs ex-hockey player
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In a shocking case, a 13-year-old boy killed his mother and chopped her head in the town of Wenxing in China's Sichuan province. The boy has been arrested from his school, BBC reported.

The teenager decapitated his mother and filmed the cruel act. He then shared the video with his friends on the popular messaging app WeChat.

He killed his mother on Sunday after an argument with her, but the incident came to light only on Wednesday when one of his classmates showed the video to his mother. Local police confirmed to BBC that the boy has been arrested but gave no further details.

After cutting off her head, the boy stored her head in a bucket, before disposing of it in a drain outside their house, Radio Free Asia reported citing local sources.

Several social media users commented on the child's mental health issues, while several others blamed social media for such act.

"13 and murder I am sure he must had some tough childhood or som personality disorder. Really I am finding it so hard to believe that he not only murdered and then decapitates," Twitter user Saadia Khurram‏ commented.

"What's this world is coming to!?" user Ulfat commented.

"Social media is making the police's job easier, people are so dumb these days they film all the evidence they police need and post it on facebook," user Giorno said.

In a similar incident, a 21-year-old killed his mother in Mumbai, India, because he was frustrated with her. The mother was reportedly very strict and did not let the boy, identified as Siddhant Ganore, be on social media sites or spend time on mobile. Siddhant was angry at his mother, following which he killed his mother and even drew a smiley with her blood near the body.