"The 100" Season 3 is returning to The CW after the torturous 10-month long break on Monday, 21 January. A lot has happened since "The 100" arrived on Earth two seasons ago, but the cause remains the same – survival.

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) has left for the Polis, ridden by guilt about what she had to do to the innocent Mountain Men. As fans will remember, she had let the radiation from outside Mount Weather thereby eradicating the entire population, including those that had helped the Sky People. Fearing that being with her people would remind her of what she had do to protect them, Clarke leaves Camp Jaha, despite Bellamy's (Bob Morley) pleas to stay.

The reason she had to take the fatal measure was Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) going back on her word and striking a deal with the Mountain Men. She retracted the Grounders' army from Mount Weather, leaving the Sky People to face their enemies alone. In the coming Season 3, we will see Clarke confronting Lexa, and even trying to kill her for her betrayal.

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However, Clarke does have a soft spot for the young commander of the grounder clans. In a scene from the trailer for "The 100" Season 3, we see her pressing a knife into Lexa's neck, but easing the grip almost immediately. At the end of the day, what Lexa did to the Sky People is only as bad as what Clarke did to the Mountain Men.

Moreover, the leader had been clear from the start that she thought love was a weakness and that the only thing that matters is protecting her people. Now that Clarke truly understands what the fellow leader means, the two could develop a companionship. However, that puts the "Bellarke" storyline on jeopardy.

We have said early on that Bellamy-Clarke love-story is not going to be a priority on the series, no matter how much the fans rally for it. The world as they know it is still a dangerous place and the only thing that is constant is the need for survival.

But according to a poll IBTimes India Edition conducted, it looks like an overwhelming majority (3719 fans) are excited to see Clarke and Lexa together, while some would like to see her with both Bellamy and Lexa. 

As the official synopsis reads, "They have learned the hard way that in the fight for survival, there are no heroes and no villains. There is only the living and the dead."

Season 3 Episode 1 titled "Wanheda – Part One" will be aired on Monday, 21 December, but ahead of that do not forget to check back here for spoilers, updates and plot theories.