Even as we wait for the premiere of "The 100" season 3 in 2016, there is one pressing question that is keeping the fans awake at night – will we see Clarke and Bellamy or Clarke and Lexa get together? Last season had ended with Clarke parting ways with both the potential love interests.

Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), the leader of the Grounders had promised to join hands with the Sky People to save both of their people from the Mountain Men. However, on getting a better deal from the Mountain Men, Lexa went back on her word, leaving Clarke (Eliza Taylor) to save her people by killing all the Mountain Men, including many innocent bystanders.

After the ordeal with the Mountain Men, Clarke is disgusted and guilt-ridden with the choices she made, and decides to leave Cam Jaha, leaving Bellamy (Bob Morley) to take care of the Sky People all by himself. Although he had accepted her decision to leave, Bellamy feels cheated. It will take him some time to forgive Clarke, but when he does, we are hoping theirs will be a love story that ballads can be written on.

Meanwhile, Debnam-Carey has also told Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect reconciliation between Lexa and Clarke. "Lexa will make it happen one way or the other...It might not be an easy reconciliation, but it'll happen. If Lexa wants something, it'll happen... She's opening up a wound again," she said.

Let us know which couple you think will get together soon. For regular updates on The CW's "The 100", check back here.

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