While we wait impatiently for the return of "The 100" Season 3 in 2016, some tidbits regarding the future of Bellamy and Clarke have been revealed by show-runner Jason Rothenberg. We also have information on a new cast member, who will join The CW show as a Grounder.

As far as we know, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) left Camp Jaha out of guilt, leaving Bellamy (Bob Morley) with the responsibility of taking care of the Sky People. We have known for a while that he will feel betrayed by Clarke's actions but he will still be a great leader to the people, as Clarke looks for peace at the Polis.

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Bellamy understands why Clarke had to leave, and the guilt that weighed upon her, which is also the reason why he feels guilty about his own actions at Mount Weather. He will, however, deal with his guilt in a very different manner, but he will inspire respect in fellow-Sky People, despite the presence of the adult Arkers.

Fans can also hope to see a very emotional scene involving Bellamy. 

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Fans should also be prepared for the arrival of a Grounder, played by "Shameless" and "Black Sails" star Zach McGowan. Roan, who reportedly "will stop at nothing to get what he wants", will potentially be a huge influence on Clarke. The former leader of the Sky People is after all travelling to Polis, the head quarters of the Grounders.

As of now, everything about Roan is kept under wraps, but according to Rothenberg, he will not be an easy person to deal with initially. But writer Shawna Benson thinks he will be a great addition for "The 100".