Guilt-ridden and depressed, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) had left Camp Jaha in season 2 finale, and we have since been craving for some update regarding her whereabouts. While it was speculated that she is headed to Polis, the Grounders' capital, a new photo from the "The 100"season 3 sets have confirmed the news.

Many fans are still in the dark about the season 3 renewal, but the show's creator Jason Rothenberg has confirmed via Twitter that "The 100" team is shooting scenes from episodes 1, 4 and 5 from the coming season.

After releasing a huge sneak peak from season, which showed Clarke in Grounder-like attire and make-up, Rothenberg opened the hypothetical Twitter floor for questions.

One popular question was whether we can look forward to a pregnancy in the coming season. Let's be honest. All our favourite couples are going at it, every chance they get, and it's a little hard to believe there are condoms in the post-apocalyptic world; mistakes happen.

However, Rothenberg shot down any hopes of seeing a baby "Linctavia" any time soon.

"No pregnancy. #NonSpolierSpoiler @hesablake #the100," he tweeted. But, surely there would be a lot for shippers of Lincoln and Octavia to look forward to.

They have managed to stick together as their people fought each other. Octavia wanted so desperately to be a Grounder and belong to Lincoln's people. Hopefully, it will happen soon, although Indra (Adina Porter) made her opinion regarding Octavia's "weak" decision very clear towards the end of season 1.

However, we are most impatient to see how Clarke survives in the wild all alone, with her thoughts plagued with the guilt of killing innocent Mountain Men and of abandoning Bellamy at Camp Jaha. With her arrival at Polis, can we assume that there will be a "Lexarke" storyline to look forward to?

Having made a very difficult choice herself, Clarke now realises that whatever Lexa (‎Alycia Debnam-Carey) did had to be done, to ensure the safety of her people. They can hopefully move on from the events that divided them, work together to make the world a more habitable place for both the Grounders and the Sky People.