"The 100", which has been on break since the season 2 finale, will return with season 3 only in 2016, much to the disappointment of the fans. The show-runners are of the opinion that the year-long gap between seasons will help bring new viewers to the show and give them enough time to catch up with the last two seasons.

But the long hiatus does not stop us from collecting every information we can, regarding the future of the show, especially with regards to Bellarke future and the return of Lexa in Season 3. It has been confirmed that we will meet Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) again, and hopefully Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will get her closure. After all, it is the decision of the Grounders' leader to turn her back on the Sky People that made Clarke kill all the Mountain Men, which in turn made her too guilty to stay at Camp Jaha.

However, Lexa is a strong leader and she is not going to apologise for the choices she made to save her people. Regardless, having had to be responsible for the death of many innocent people herself, Clarke may finally able to forgive Lexa.

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While all that is well and good, where does that leave Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke – or as the shippers like to call them, Bellarke? Creator Jason Rothenberg had promised that Bellarke would be a reality in "The 100", but not before its time. While the fans want the two strong leaders of the Sky People to get together, Rothenberg is against rushing into anything, and especially with Lexa's impending return we might have to wait a little longer.

He suggested fans to read "The 100" book series penned by Kass Morgan to quench the need to see Bellamy and Clarke together – another alternative is to head over to a fan-fiction site and satiate yourself with the alternative story-lines abundantly available there.

Meanwhile, a brand new character will be introduced in "The 100" season 3. Canadian singer Shawn Mendes will join the Ark people at Camp Jaha as a scrappy, young survivor among the Sky People, who finds himself in a sticky situation. He has to use a "particular set of talents" to save himself, and we thing it is his exceptional singing; too unrealistic?

Anyway, while you impatiently await the return of Bellamy, Clarke, Lexa and the others, remember to tune back here for regular updates and spoilers from "The 100" season 3.