Bellamy and Clarke
Bellamy and ClarkeScreenshot/Youtube

The CW series, "The 100", has been on a hiatus and while many fans are praying and speculating for a "Bellarke" storyline, the series producer Jason Rothenberg has promised that at some point in the show, Bellamy and Clarke will get together.

Season 2 of "The 100" had ended with Clarke (Eliza Taylor), leader of the Sky People, leaving Camp Jaha out of shame for what she had done to the Mountain Men. Even after Bellamy (Bob Morley) pleaded with her to stay on, Clarke has ventured out on her own, leaving Bellamy to take over as the commander of the Sky people.

The upcoming season will see how Bellamy leads his people and go on to become a better leader. However, how can "Bellarke" become a reality if Bellamy and Clarke are in different parts of the world?

"It's clear to me that these two people have come to need each other and respect each other and love each other on some pretty deep level," Rothenberg explained to E!. "Obviously it's not romantic, certainly for Clarke anyway, and it's never been vocalised that it is for Bellamy either. You could read as much as you want in their body language and their eyes, but that's something that is being put off again as a result of Clarke's walkabout."

Rothenberg does promise that if not the coming season, Bellamy and Clarke will get together at a later stage in the series. However, if you are desperate to see them together, the showrunner urges fans to read "The 100" trilogy by Kass Morgan, based on which The CW series is made.

As of now, the series still has to show a bit more of Lexa/Clarke romance, because both the characters are still breathing. Although Lexi (Alycia Debnam Carey), the commander of the Grounders, made a truce with the Mountain Men, forcing Clarke to kill everyone living in Mount Weather - the guilty and the innocent alike, the fans did not get a closure with regards to their relationship.

"The journey is long, and eventually we'll be able to tell that story in all its glory," promises Rothenberg.