Political candidates make frantic final push for votes

Lucknow/ Agra/ Amethi, April 15 (ANI): Trailing in the polls and expecting a fair amount of voter turnout, candidates of political parties contesting the Lok Sabha polls made a final pitch for votes in the race to Lower House. During an election campaign in Lucknow, BJP President Rajnath Singh rubbished media reports on Modi wave made by senior party leader Murli Manohar Joshi. Meanwhile, campaigning for Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) party candidate Amar Singh during a roadshow in Agra, actor-turned-politician and member of RLD Jaya Prada seconded Joshi’s remark. In the meantime AAP’s Amethi candidate Kumar Vishwas said he would give a tough fight to both main parties and expose their hidden agendas. The ruling Congress Party is fighting a tough election under the leadership of Party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. The political drama has intensified in India as the mammoth election has kicked off on April 07 and would continue till May 12. Results of the elections are due on May 16. Apr 15, 2014

Mini-sub tries again after first search for MH370 aborted

A mini-sub hunting for Malaysian jet MH370 prepares to make a second mission to the remote Indian Ocean seabed after aborting its first search as it encountered water deeper than its operating limits. Duration: 00:51 Apr 15, 2014

Fundamentalist forces pose challenge to nation's PM: Bangladesh journalist

Dhaka, April 15 (ANI): Bangladesh's senior journalist and media advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, said that fundamentalist forces, who tried to create religion based politics, pose biggest challenge for ruling Awami League (AL). While talking to a reporter in Dhaka, Chowdhury said on Tuesday that the government needs to take stringent steps to thwart any attempts of fundamentalist forces. Urging the government to execute rest of the war criminals, Chowdhury said that there should be no compromise on this issue. Apr 15, 2014

Syria troops retake Christian town of Maalula

Syrian troops retook the ancient Christian town of Maalula from rebels Monday, a day after President Bashar al-Assad said the three-year old civil war was turning in his favour. Duration: 01:14 Apr 15, 2014

EU to expand Ukraine sanctions list, says Ashton

European Union foreign ministers agreed Monday to expand the list of those subject to sanctions for their role in the Ukraine crisis, EU foreign affairs head Catherine Ashton said. Duration: 00:31 Apr 15, 2014

Obama: religious violence has no place in US

US President Barack Obama warns that religious violence has no place in society after a gunman with alleged anti-Semitic ties killed three people at a Jewish center and retirement home. Duration: 01:29 Apr 15, 2014

Mass DNA testing in French school to find rapist

More than 500 male students and staff at a French school will undergo DNA tests from Monday in a bid to discover who raped a 16-year-old girl in a dark school toilet. Duration: 01:21 Apr 15, 2014

Iraqis in resort town face return to Anbar unrest

When fighting erupted in Iraq's Anbar province in December, many families fled to a virtually empty summer resort far to the north to take advantage of its off-season rates and wait out the conflict. Duration: 01:50 Apr 15, 2014
In Washington, a push to sterilize stray cats

In Washington, a push to sterilize stray cats

To curb the growing numbers of feral cats in the US capital, the Washington Humane Society is encouraging residents to set traps and bring the animals to a sterilization clinic, after which they are released.. Duration: 02:29 Apr 15, 2014

Chimpanzee rescued in Lebanon after eight-year struggle

A Lebanese court ordered the confiscation of chimpanzee Charlie from a zoo and his delivery to the NGO "Animals Lebanon". Charlie is 9 years old, and was smuggled from Africa to Lebanon in 2005 and sold to a pet shop, ending at a zoo. Duration: 00:53 Apr 15, 2014