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From Gold Oct 23, 2013 07:21 am

Eureka! Leaves of Eucalyptus Trees Will Aid Miners Pot of Gold

It may be difficult to believe, but a team of Australian researchers from CSIRO has found that in dry conditions, eucalyptus trees, as they search for moisture, can actually point to miners the location of massive gold deposits just by looking at their leaves.

From Gold Sep 24, 2013 07:29 am

New Indian Import Tariffs Hurt Dubai Gold Trade

Indian measures to discourage gold imports is shutting the door on top exporter Dubai, where trade activity has fallen by as much as 60 percent over the past two months, dealers said.

From Gold Aug 30, 2013 10:09 am

Global Prices of Gold Possible to Jump as Industrywide Workers’ Strike Looms at South Africa

Investors fond of placing their bets on the safe haven yellow metal gold may well expect prices of the commodity to surge in the coming months as South Africa, the sixth-largest gold producer in the world, braces for an industrywide workers' strike that is sure to affect global production.

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