Ukrainian TV station set on fire as it is believed to be pro-Russian

The Kiev studios of Ukrainian broadcaster Inter TV was set on fire as a small group of protesters outside burned tyres on 4 September. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko issued a statement on Monday both condemning the attack and ordering an investigation but also accusing “certain media funded by Russia” of trying to “destabilise the domestic political situation.” Inter TV is reportedly perceived by many Ukrainians as having a pro-Russian bias. 27 days ago

Barack Obama: We have had some productive conversations with Russia on Syria conflict

US President Barack Obama told reporters on 5 September about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and their attempts to come to an agreement over the hostilities in Syria and negotiate a cessation of violence. A senior US administration official said that Obama and Putin had a longer-than-expected meeting on how they could agree a deal. 27 days ago

Brazils Rousseff ousted by Senate

Brazils first female president was ousted by a 61-20 vote. Ending an impeachment process that polarised Latin Americas biggest country amid a massive corruption scandal and brutal economic crisis. Sep 1, 2016

How to invest in gold

Following the Bank of Englands rate cut on 4 August, 2016 demand for gold soared from people fearing lower returns on cash savings. But how exactly do you invest in the gold market? Sep 1, 2016