ZomatoCredits: Reuters

The popular food aggregator and delivery app, Zomato, made an exception from their usual business for a four-year-old boy from Mumbai, who logged into the app from his father's phone and asked the customer service executive for a car, balloons and gifts.

Surprisingly, Zomato granted the boy's wishes and to his and his parents' surprise, they delivered a gift-wrapped car to the boys' house.

Zomato seems to be winning hearts and praise recently with their humanitarian approach towards customers. Last week, they called out a customer's bigotry when he tried to cancel his order because the delivery executive was not a Hindu.

The four-year-old's father Irshad Daftari tweeted a screenshot of his son's messages to Zomato saying, "In other news, my 4-year-old son thinks that if he messages Zomato with his fav things, they might deliver them to him."

The next day, Irshad gave netizens an update saying that he was pleasantly surprised to have Zoamto actually deliver a car for his son. Irshad also posted a picture of the back of his son's head looking at his red car.

Irshad wrote, "By special delivery from the good, nay, GREAT, people at @ZomatoINthe 4 year old has got the best surprise ever! Has been running around the house with his gift while his 8 month old sister plays with the wrapping paper. Happiness all around."

Zomato then replied to the tweet saying, "Making our Junior Super Foodie smile is what we aim for. #ZomaLove," with a surprise GIF.

In addition to this, Durga Raghunath, the Senior Vice President of Growth at Zomato, replied, "So glad."

Irshad thanked Raghunath saying that Zomato made a little boy, his parents and sister very happy.

Zomato received appreciation for this gesture.

Dunzo also joined the fun with a GIF which read, "Um, hi there." Dunzo helps in delivering goods, running errands and carry out odd jobs. This job would have been under Dunzo's job description but went to Zomato instead. 

The adorableness of the entire episode had Twitter making heart eyes and it is safe to say that they are in love with Zomato.