Could Zlatan Ibrahimovic be seen plying his trade in the Premier League one day? It could be a possibility, according to the player's agent, and it could also happen soon.

Ibrahimovic, regarded as one of the best goal poachers in football at the moment, is at the end of his contract at PSG this summer, and discussions regarding his future have already started.

The 34-year-old lanky striker has played in the Dutch, Spanish, French and German leagues in his club football career. Seeing him play for a Premier League outfit has been a dream for many. And we may not have to wait for too long.

According to his agent Mino Raiola, the player moving to one of the English top-flight clubs could be highly possible. "I would like to see him in the Premier League. I think it's a game that is made for him with his strength. his ability, his technique, the stadiums with fantastic atmosphere and how football is lived," Raiola explained to Sky Sports News HQ.

"It's difficult now because for the first time in his life he wants to be a free agent so that he can look around and have a feeling day by day what he wants to do.

"There are a lot of projects on our table but he has not decided yet. Can he go to England? In theory yes he can because he will be a free agent and for sure there are some clubs always interested in him. What we will do at the end, I really don't know."

We have one full month of the transfer window, but is there a possibility of seeing the Sweden star playing in English football in as early as this January?

"No, he will definitely stay with Paris St Germain until the end of the season," Raiola continued.

"He wants to be with them, they want to be with him. We have a very strong relationship with the club. He will not leave in January."

Ibrahimovic has won the French league three times, the Italian league four times, the Dutch league twice, and the Spanish league once in his decorated club football career.