Zeenat Aman has spoken about getting her eye surgery done, 40 years after the condition started. In a long note on Instagram, the veteran actress has spoken about getting operated for the condition called - ptosis. The condition caused her eyelid to droop and also obstructed her vision. Zeenat has revealed why she now chose to undergo surgery and has also thanked people who worked with her despite her physical appearance been affected by it.

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Zeenat's post

"There has been an elephant in the room with me for the past 40 years. It is time to show this elephant the door. I have a condition know as ptosis - the result of an injury I suffered many decades ago that damaged the muscles around my right eye. Over the years, it caused my eyelid to droop further and further. And a few years ago it became so acute that it began to obstruct my vision," Zeenat wrote.

Zeenat Aman in hospital
Zeenat Aman in hospitalInstagram

"When so much of one's career is predicated on one's appearance, coming to terms with a dramatic change to it is difficult. I know for a fact that this ptosis narrowed my opportunities and made me the subject of unwanted attention. But despite the gossip, the comments, and the questions, I never felt diminished by it. It helped of course that there were always a few stalwarts that stood by me and chose to work with me still," she went on to add.

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When Sanjay was accused of slapping Zeenat, damaging her eye

Back in the 80s there were reports by a magazine named CineBlitz about a massive showdown between Sanjay Khan and Zeenat at hotel Taj in Mumbai. The magazine had reported (as per Indian Express) that Sanjay Khan dragged her, pulled her and slapped her so hard that it caused damage to her eyes.

zeenat and sanjay

While Sanjay Khan denied any such happenings and called it a "PR smear campaign", there has always been a whisper on the topic ever since then.