We see the film industry through a lens where everything seems perfect. From their fashion sense to star's love stories, everything seems to be coming straight out of a fairytale. But it's only when you look closer, you'll realise the number of cracks, bruises and pain Bollywood celebrities have to go through sometimes, in real life. Many actresses have faced physical and emotional abuse in their relationship and veteran actress Zeenat Aman one of them.

Bollywood beauty Zeenat Aman not only faced violence during her affairs but was brutally treated in her married life as well. As perfect as her filmy career may seem, her personal life was shattering into millions of pieces while she was dating married actor Sanjay Khan.

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Zeenat-Sanjay Love Story

Zeenat Aman met Sanjay Khan on the sets of their movie Abdullah. They played each other's love interest in the movie and their on-screen romance took the route of a real-life love story. Their brooding romance was not hidden from anyone and things were going fine until the ugly face of Sanjay Khan came in front of Zeenat Aman.

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Sanjay was already married and a father to three. He was not willing to give up on his wife, not giving any commitment to Zeenat and things went out of hand when he started physically abusing her on several occasions.

Sanjay left Zeenat 'Black and Blue'

As per the report published by Cine Blitz in 1980, Sanjay once abused Zeenat so badly, in a hotel, that it left her black and blue. Zeenat was shooting for a song portion in Lonavala when Sanjay called her and demanded to come back leaving everything behind. While Zeenat tried to discuss things out, she was accused of having an intimate relationship with the makers.

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Leaving everything behind, Zeenat came back to Mumbai, only to find that Sanjay was out having a party with his friends at the Taj. Hoping to solve things between them and discuss the movie dates, Zeenat went ahead to meet Sanjay but little did she knew that what was going to happen will leave her in emotional as well as physical pain.

Sanjay beats, while wife Zarine Khan cheered

Sanjay was annoyed to see Zeenat and so was wife Zarine. As per the reports, the atmosphere turned, 'cold and menacing' as soon as the three of them got under the same roof. Sanjay asked Zeenat to leave. When Zeenat tried to discuss things out, he took her to a separate room and started beating her. Lifting by her hair and continuing to thrash her every time she fell, Sanjay unleashed his inner animal on Zeenat.

Wife Zarine also entered the room and started saying, "Give the bitch what she deserves," while beating up Zeenat, herself. Nobody helped out Zeenat and she herself never went on record to comment on the abuse but her scars were solid proof.

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According to the doctor's reports, "Zeenat was in such a terrible state. Her face was covered with bruises and black eyes. There were blood clots in her eyes and her lips were severely cut."

"This is not the first time this man has beaten her. Once before she was given a black eye and kicked in the ribs so hard that I insisted on an X-Ray for fear of a crack," the report added.

Eventually, Zeenat-Sanjay love-hate story ended and Zeenat got married to Mazhar Khan. Sadly, the actress was physically battered in this relationship also. In a press conference in Mumbai, Zeenat bravely spoke about this issue and brought it to the limelight. She did file for a divorce but before anything could finalise, Mazhar died due to renal failure.